Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cakes from the Cauldron

So somehow...somewhere along the line we have gotten ourselves a bit of a reputation for cake...

We bake cakes for our rituals and our workshops and started to get asked for the we do have our blog but we have been asked for our cake we put them in a book.

Sounds easy...but it turned out to be harder than we thought.   Firstly we had to test and double test the recipes to make sure they were spot on...then we had to eat them...product testing is a hard job but we are a dedicated team...

Then we had to photograph them...which turned out to be more difficult than we thought.  You have to have none fuzzy, bright, in focus, appealing photos and David Bailey we ain't.  We also had a very strict Graphic Designer with very high standards (Rachel's husband).

So after an incredible amount of baking (and eating...ahem...we mean testing) and a lot of photography then a lot of proof reading and graphicking (not sure that is actually a word)...the book is here...

We, Rachel (Tansy) and Tracey (Sunchylde) would like to thank both of our husbands, Simon for his recipe assistance and silly book title suggestions and Pete who did all the graphic design and actually putting the book together ♥

The book is available direct from our website shop and also via Amazon in paperback and also via Amazon as a Kindle download.

We will also have copies at the Wandering Witches fair on Sunday 16th November - free cake with every copy purchased!

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