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Sea Witch Magic by Unity

 Sea Witch Magic by Unity

A Sea witch is someone who specialises in water magic. They may worship sea deities, practise moon and weather magic and work in harmony with the seas tides.

If you don't live near the coast, you will still be able to adapt most of the sea witches practises to your local pond, river, stream, or even with a bowl of water or your bath. You will need some sea related items, like shells, pebbles and sand, but these could be collected on a day trip to the beach, or even brought online.

A sea witch will feel particularly drawn to the sea and the element of water, probably long before they knew anything about witchcraft and paganism. I've lived on the South coast my whole life and spent most of my childhood playing on the beach. Even as a moody teenager I often took off to the beach just to sit and watch the waves crashing on the shore whenever I needed to escape, and I still do. It never fails to calm me down and make everything feel better.


Around 70% of our planet is covered by oceans. The largest is the Pacific Ocean which covers about 30% of the earth’s surface. The deepest known area of ocean is the Mariana Trench which is located in the Western Pacific ocean; it reaches a depth of 11km. We have only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans, so very little is actually known about them.

The water in the ocean is in a continuous cycle that uses all of the 4 elements. The sun heats the ocean ( fire) Ocean water evaporates and rises through the air ( air) The water then rains down on the land ( earth) It then flows back to the ocean ( water).


A sea witches magical life is ruled by the tides , the moon's phases and the weather. The sea's tides are due to the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun, and the rotation of the earth. When the moon is new or full, the gravitational pull of the moon and sun are combined. At these times, the tides are very high and very low. This is known as the spring tide. Spring tides are especially strong and have nothing to do with the season of spring. They occur when the sun, moon and earth are aligned.

During the moons quarter phases the sun and the moon work at right angles. The result is much smaller high and low tides and this is known as a neap tide. Neap tides are especially weak tides. Since the moon moves around the earth, it is not always in the same place at the same time each day. So, each day, the time for low and high tides change by 50 minutes.

It's important for sea witches to know when the tides occur, as magical workings can be timed to coincide with them. This information can usually be found in your local newspaper or online. Use your intuition for this, but I've found the examples below work well.

When the tide is coming in (flow) - positive or drawing something towards you magic.

High tide - Optimal time for all positive magic.
when the tide is going out (ebb) - banishing magic.
Low tide - Meditative or introspective magic.


The element of water is associated with: Purification, love, psychic awareness, healing dreams, sleep, peace, marriage and friendships, and can be used for these types of spells.

Most types of water magic can be performed using the natural materials found at the beach or natural water source: pebbles, shells, seaweed, driftwood, sea grass etc. Natural items contain much more of a magical charge than mass produced items brought in a shop, and beach combing is a popular and very enjoyable past time too. Large shells can be used as offering bowls and for holding salt, water and herbs. Fishing net can be draped over doorways to capture negative energy; it is also perfect to hang small charms and bundles of herbs on. Driftwood can be used as wands and can be used along with small shells and hag stones to make beautiful wind chimes to protect your home. Offerings can be left at the water’s edge, but make sure they are natural item's that won't harm the environment: a sprig of herbs, a strand of your hair or anything natural that has a personal meaning to you.


Your wand
A nearby beach

Stand at the water’s edge, just before high tide. With your wand (or finger) trace either the appropriate rune or symbol of your needs in the sand. As the tide rushes in it will carry your spell to the sea gods.

A widespread belief in parts of the country years ago was that witches could sell winds to sailors by means of a knotted cord. The cord had three knots in it, one for a light breeze, two for a strong wind and three for a gale. The sailor had to undo the knots when out at sea and the wind would blow as required.


Find a pair of scallop shells that will fit together. In the bottom shell put a small pinch of herbs, appropriate to your needs (protection - bay, basil, mint, rosemary etc) (prosperity - ash, basil, hazel etc) there are many books and websites with herb correspondences, or you could just go with your intuition. You can add other small items, like a small piece of sea glass or crystal chip, or a tiny piece of thread in the colour that corresponds with your intent. Charge everything to your need before you add it to the shell. Tie the two halves together with the coloured thread, you can charge the entire amulet again once it is ready , and say a small chant if you want. Then hang the shell amulet up in your car, on your bedpost, or wherever you need its energy.


Runes can be crafted quickly and easily. Look for pebbles or shells of a similar size and shape (with at least one smooth side) one for each rune. Draw a rune on the smooth side until you have a complete set. Store them in a small blue drawstring bag.


One of the best forms of divination for a sea witch. You don’t need to buy an expensive crystal ball or scrying mirror; it can be done with a dark bowl or cauldron filled with water. Place it on your altar with a candle close enough that the light is reflected in the water. Gaze at the candles reflection and relax, try to empty your mind. You may not get any results the first time you try it. But keep practising and eventually you should start to see images in your mind’s eye.
If you are going to be travelling on any kind of boat trip, it's a good idea to make an offering to an ocean deity beforehand. You can use herbs, shells, a few strands of your hair, pebbles, crystals, anything small and environmentally friendly that has meaning to you and won't pollute the sea.


Time - full moon
Run yourself a warm bath and add 1/2 cup of sea salt. Stir it round until it's dissolved before getting in. Close your eyes. Feel the energies from the sea purifying your body and protecting you from any harm, and say: ' As I lay in this warm sea salt bath, protect me from what may be in my path. Let the powers of the wild sea, watch over and protect me'. Lay in the bath until you feel you are fully protected by the powers of the sea. This is ideal to do before a ritual, if you can.


This can be done by any natural water source (river, stream, Lake Etc) Write what you wish for on a small piece of paper. Tie it with some natural twine to a pebble. Hold it in your hands and charge it with your intent. Close your eyes and throw it into the water.


Fill a clean jar with broken shells, sea urchin spines, small pebbles, sea glass, sand and sea salt, charging the items with protection as you go. Close the jar and seal it with dark blue melted candle wax. Place the jar near the main entrance to your home.

Amphitrite - Pre Hellenic sea goddess
Atargatis - Syrian mermaid goddess
Lir - Celtic sea god
Mami Wata ( mother water ) - Nigerian mermaid goddess
Nereus - Hellenic sea god
Njord - Norse god of sea travel
Poseidon - Hellenic sea god
Ran - Norse sea goddess
Sedna - Inuit sea goddess
Manannan mac Lir - Celtic sea god
Neptune - Roman king of the sea.


Seashells have their own magical energy and can be used in place of crystals or other magical tools with the same correspondences. They can also be used to represent the element of water on your altar, and can be used in spells for emotions and protection. If you do collect any shells from the beach, please check that they have no creatures living inside first. The best time to collect shells is at low tide.
Abalone - There are approx 70 species in the world and they can be used in spells for prosperity and good luck. They are also used as ash bowls for smudging, for holding herbs, crystals and offerings.

Clam - Associated with Venus, goddess of love. Can be used in love, purification and beauty spells.
Cockle - Love, friendship, relationships and emotions
Cowry - resembles female genitalia and can be used to represent the goddess on your altar. Also used in spells concerning pregnancy, fertility and female reproductive problems.
Limpet - Used to make jewellery and in spells for empowerment and money.
Murex - Can be used for protection, defence and preservation, and to gain control of a situation that is out of your hands.
Nautilus - Shaped like a brain and used for mentally related spells, exams etc.
Oyster - Banishing negative energies and to receive good fortune.
Scallop - All - purpose shells; can be used in place of any other shell.
Spindle - Meditations on destiny or to inspire and art or craft project.
Whelk - Can be used in spells to take control of a situation or to decrease emotional stress.


Sand is made up of a mixture of fragments of rocks, seashells and in some cases coral. It can be found on some beaches, often when the tide is out if it’s a shingle beach, and also at the mouth of some rivers. It can come in many different colours depending on what it's made from. Most people would have seen those little glass ornaments filled with layers of different coloured sand , or even had a go at making them at places like Alum bay on the Isle of Wight.( If not Google it ) The colours range from black, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. Sand can be different textures too, and the different textures as well as the colours have different magical energies :

Very fine - creativity, psychic awareness, productivity
Fine - money , prosperity, lust
Medium - love, banishing, purification, cleansing
Coarse - protection, to aid in quitting a bad habit
Very coarse - healing, meditating, concentrating.

The most common type of sand is made up of quartz, which has healing energies. The white sand found in tropical beaches contains limestone, which is also healing and can be used for purification.

Sand spell to attract love:

Fill a small jar with medium textured pink or red sand and pop a lid on it. Carry it with you to attract love. This can be adapted to draw other energies to you depending on the sand type and colour. 

Sand healing spell:

Mix a small amount of very course sand with sea water and gently rub it on your body in the area that needs healing. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then rinse with salt water and dry.

Sand protection spell:

Sprinkle course sand on the thresholds of your home for protection against negative energies.

Sand money spell:

Store a small amount of fine sand where you keep your money (it can be placed in a small bag or envelope) to attract more money.

Sand good luck spell:

Simply throw sand over your left shoulder for good luck (can be any type).


Seaweed is a type of marine algae; it comes in different types and colours. Most seaweed is green, brown or red. Seaweed is used for food, medicine, fertilizer, filtration, diet pills and wound dressing; it is also an ingredient in some toothpaste, cosmetics and paint. The study of seaweed is known as Phycology. Seaweed is a source of iodine, which we need for thyroid function. It also has magical correspondences and can be used in spells much like herbs are.

Kelp - money, prosperity and to obtain material possessions.
Sugar kelp - Purity, cleansing, spiritual awareness and balance.
Wire weed - Banish negativity, banish bad habits.
Green yeast - love, lust, fertility and sexual desires
Mermaids tresses - clarity, meditation, getting back on track in life.
Sea lettuce - Happiness, good energies, love and peace.
Dulse - love, desire, companionship and honour
Coraline - Getting rid of stubbornness, excitement, joy and to obtain goals
Irish moss - represents life, mental clarity, increase psychic awareness
If you like to hold rituals at the beach, you can make a pentagram from long pieces of seaweed, to give you protection during your rites. You could also make runes out of seaweed for your intent and let them be washed away by the sea.


Stones and pebbles come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. They can be found in rivers and streams as well as at the seashore. The type of stones you find will depend on your location. In my area I'm always finding hag stones, these have a naturally occurring hole in them. There is a lot of magical lore surrounding hag stones, and they have been used for centuries. A hag stone hanging on a cord hangs in the Natural history museum in London; it is believed to be from the 1800’s-1900s. It's believed that if you close one eye and look through a hag stones hole with your other eye, you will see the faerie world. People used to hang them by their doors or on animals stables as protection against bewitchment. Fishermen and sailors used to tie them to their boats for protection from evil spirits and witches. It is also considered lucky to find a hag stone. They can also be used to represent the goddess on your altar. I have a huge collection of stones and not just holey ones. I have a few long phallic looking ones that I sometimes use to represent the god on my altar and quite a few that either catch my eye, or look like something else. I have several that look like tiny faerie shoes and a white crescent moon shaped stone. I also pick up pretty stones from different places that I visit.

Stones and pebbles are usually made up of a mix of several different mineral groups, depending on the area that they come from. Igneous and metamorphic stones are formed after molten rock from magma and lava cools down. These include: quazite, granite, slate, pumice and marble etc. Sedimentary stones are formed on shores and in the water by the weathering of older, larger stones. These include: fossil stones, sandstone, shale, conglomerates and breccia. Beach stones are made up of a variety of these and others, depending on the geological history of the place.

Tie a hag stone onto some red wool and either hang it by your bed to protect you from bad dreams, or by your front door for protection.


Sea glass is glass that has been naturally worn down and smoothed by water and sand. It takes between 20-50 years for sea glass to acquire its texture and shape. It comes in various colours. The most common are: clear, amber, green, blue, brown. Other colours are grey, purple and red. Sea glass is used in jewellery making. Sea glass can be used to represent water and can be added to spell bottles as well as other spells.

Blue - healing, communication, physical, emotions.
Brown - house protection, banish nightmares, animal healing
Green - Peace, ease burdens, calming, meditation, money, prosperity
Amber/ Orange - guidance, safe travels, bring home a loved one
Purple - psychic awareness, spirituality
Red - love, passion, material possessions
Clear - mental healing, purification, clarity, dreams.

Whenever you go to the beach, or a natural water source, it's a good idea to take some gloves and a carrier bag and fill it with any rubbish you find. Not only are you clearing up the area, you could be saving the life of any creatures that live there and giving thanks to the water deities for any help they give you.


Sit in a comfortable position, or lie down somewhere where you won't be disturbed. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Become aware of any tension in your body and release it with every out breath.
Imagine yourself walking along a path towards the beach; there are ash trees on either side of the path and small flowers growing at their base..... You can hear waves crashing against the shore and smell the briny sea scent on the air..... A cool breeze blows through the trees and caresses your skin..... You come to the end of the path and see before you a beautiful beach...... The golden sand looks soft and inviting and the ocean is a brilliant turquoise colour, with gentle waves topped with white frothy foam lapping at the shore....
You take off your socks and shoes and step onto the beach, the warm golden sand finds its way between your bare toes....... You walk towards the ocean and hear seagulls crying as they fly overhead..... The sun shines down and you feel quite hot..... You walk closer to the waves and feel the sand becoming wet and firm beneath your feet..... A wave runs across the sand and touches your toes, before receding back to the sea.... As you step closer, the water washes over your feet; it is cool, but not cold and feels refreshing after the hot sand..... You walk further into the cool clear water, it inches slowly up your legs, towards your knees, you feel calm and relaxed....You walk deeper into the water, it is now swirling around your hips, and the strength of the waves almost lifts you off your feet........You walk further still until the water is almost up to your shoulders...... then you start to swim slowly forward, feeling weightless and peaceful....... The coolness of the water feels soothing and healing after the heat of the day..... It is crystal clear and you can see tiny jewel coloured fish swimming below you..... You feel the water purifying and relaxing you as you swim slowly around ...You look below the surface once more and something catches your eye..... On the sea bed is a beautiful shell, you have never seen anything like it before, and it sparkles in the water and seems to be every colour of the rainbow..... You feel drawn towards it and swim below the surface, you pick up the shell and look inside, and there are no sea creatures in it so you decide to keep it.....You swim back up to the surface and to the shore, still holding your shell...... A soft dry towel waits for you on the sand; you pick it up and dry yourself, then walk slowly across the sand and towards the path....... When you reach the shade of the trees you take one last look at the beach and hold the shell towards your ear......... You hear a voice whispering from within the shell; it is a message just for you............. It is time to leave the beach, but you may return whenever you like. You walk back up the path and feel yourself back in the room. Wriggle you fingers and toes and open your eyes when you feel ready.....



  1. A lovely post. I too, live on the (South East) coast and visit the beach daily with my dog...such a great place for Magic!
    Blessed be )O(

  2. I have always been drawn to the Ocean and felt the call most strongly in the past few years. My hubby and I moved from NJ to SoCal a year ago. Instead of being an hour and a half away from the Atlantic, I now live less than 10 minutes from the Pacific. I am being called to learn more and become an adept Sea Witch. It brings me joy to be so close to the Ocean now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  3. I have always been drawn to the Ocean and felt the call most strongly in the past few years. My hubby and I moved from NJ to SoCal a year ago. Instead of being an hour and a half away from the Atlantic, I now live less than 10 minutes from the Pacific. I am being called to learn more and become an adept Sea Witch. It brings me joy to be so close to the Ocean now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.