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Croning Ritual by Autumn Ravenflower

Croning Ritual by Autumn Ravenflower

Set up an altar with photos of various stages of life - as a baby and child, days at playgroup and at school. Teenage years, photos of becoming a mother (if applicable) right up to the present day. Wear colours that make you feel good and have flowers that you love.

The ritual could also be held on the waning moon to tie in with the crone aspect.
Write a detailed but brief outline of your life at each decade so far, filling in the gaps with fond memories of things that made you laugh. If there were any sad moments, include those too as I feel things that happen in your life make you the person you are today.

Prior to the ritual, have a ceremonial bath at home, light candles and sink into waters that had your favourite perfume in and reflect upon your life. Plan what you are going to do in your crone stage of life.

The women at the croning ritual would sit in a circle on the ground on blankets, cushions and listen while the new crone tells the story of her life. It would be interesting for other older crones to share their tales of how life is now for them and for maidens and mothers to learn of what is to become of them one day.

The new crone stands up and makes her way to the altar with the HP or the Crone.


"We have gathered here, Maidens, Mothers and Crones to celebrate ___________ entering into the wisdom filled life of the Crone.
We honour her passage into this new phase of her life - a life of self acceptance, of knowledge. To be the link between the crones of ancient past and the crones of the future. To embrace her crone years even when she feels like dancing like the maiden.
May we all now celebrate in welcoming ______________ as a crone and wise woman.
Blessed Be!

The crone is then handed a small bag of crystals -
Blue agate for self acceptance
Malachite for transformation
Rose Quartz for love, peace and nurturing

The ritual is then concluded with a shared supper of food and drink which everyone contributes to.

Autumn Ravenflower

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