Monday, 7 March 2016

The Art of Ritual

A new book from our very own Tansy Firedragon (Rachel Patterson) is published on 27th May 2016 but is available for pre-order now...

The official blurb:
"The Art of Ritual takes you through every step of ritual format from the basics to the more unusual. What ritual is, how to create it, work with it and all the different aspects and stages of putting a ritual together and how to get the best out of it whether you are a solitary or within a group. From set up through the entire process including the cake...this book covers just about all you should need to know to give you the best ritual experience. Drawn from the author's own teachings and experiences this book also shares a variety or different ritual scripts and suggestions along with those from members of her coven."

Not only is it packed full of ritual information but it also includes several ritual scripts written by members of the Kitchen Witch Hearth Guardians:

Sunchylde Dryadmoon (Tracey Roberts)
Starlitenergies (Samantha Leaver)
Autumn Ravenflower (Vanessa Armstrong)
Unity (Sue Perryman)
Amunhart (Joshua Petchey)
Stormloverwolf (Stacey Mantle)

and...the image on the front cover is from a Kitchen Witch Coven ritual held at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park so some of our members will be able to recognise their bottoms!

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