Monday, 9 May 2016

May Crafts from Lela Moon

This month from Lela Moon we have:

Garden pillows
Mother’s day gift (USA) or just for the one you love
Sleep bags

1. Garden Pillows

You will need old pillow cases, old pillows, needle and cotton

Line up two pillow cases with the hole ends together.

Sew along the seam.

Put in the pillows and off you go.

You can add as many as you want to make them however long you want.

2. Mother’s day , I love you gift

You will need a little piece of material, decoration if necessary, paper & pen, glue or needle and thread.

My little bit of material is about two inches wide and four inches long.

Fold material in half

Glue or sew up the two long edges

Decorate the little bag as you wish

Type or write up the little message

A bag of love….

I bet you think this bag is empty
It’s not.
It’s full of love.
It’s a very small bag because there isn’t one large enough to hold
All the love I have to give.
The wonderful thing is - I did not buy this love – I was born with it
And I can give it to anyone I want and I want to give it to you.
It will never run out and I have lots more to give.
I Love you x

Pop it in the bag and give it to your loved one

3. Sleep bag.

You will need material (mine is about 12 x 6 inches) needle and thread, ribbon, muslin material, lavender, hops, camomile and star anise

Take your material wrong side up and sew a hem at the top of both ends

Then fold in half and sew up the two long side to the hem (not over it)

Turn the material the right way round and thread the ribbon through the hem you made at the top

Take the muslin ( mine is about 10 x 5 inches) fold in half and

sew up the two long sides and then fill up with your lavender,

hops and camomile, add star anise if you want to ward off bad dreams.

Then sew up the top.

Put the muslin bag into the material bag and tie up the ribbon.

Pop it under your pillow or in your draws.

enjoy x

Lela Moon

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