Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June Crafts by Lela Moon

June Crafts by Lela Moon

This month we are making 4 crafts:

1. Bunting

You will need
Material ( I used old sheets)
Bias binding
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Iron (starch if necessary)

First of all cut out a triangle in the card to the size you want.

Lay your material out on a table and draw round the triangle in a line turning it upside down to get the most amount from your material.

Cut out the triangles
Put two together back to back and sew up the long sides leaving the top open

Turn inside out and use the tweezers to pull the point out
Iron flat , I used starch as well

Then take the bias binding the length you require for the bunting and iron it in half.

Then take a triangle of material and put it inside the fold of the bias binding and pin

I then used a bit of cardboard as a spacer

Add the next triangle and the next until you have the required length.
Then sew up the strip of bias binding including the triangles
Finished hang it in your garden, house or at a wedding !

2.  Decorated wine bottles

You will need empty wine bottles
Glue ( I used a spray glue)
String or anything else you have about the house

Take your wine bottle and decorate it with whatever you have.

The string is wound round the bottle

Very easy and very effective as a table decoration or for a single rose.

This can also be done with empty jam jars to put tea lights in.

3. Tea lights for children

Easy one for the children to make.

You will need a jam jar, tin foil, battery tea light, scissors

Measure the tin foil to fit the jar. I folded mine a few times to make it firmer

Take your scissors and make patterns in the foil

Pop it into the jar, I used my scissors to push it down as I didn’t want to get my hand stuck !

You could also use the disposable baking trays to cut up and then use a pencil to poke holes in it for decoration.

4. Garden Fairies (in case you cant find them in your garden)

You will need a cotton bud
Two pipe cleaners and a napkin, material, doily or tissue paper

Take the pipe cleaner and wrap it round below the bud and arrange the arms

Then take the second pipe cleaner and wrap that round half way down and arrange the legs.

I then cut off the bottom of the bud

Then take the material ( I used tissue paper)
Wrap round the body and glue into place. I then made two little wings and stuck them on .

I also made some using Fimo to make a face and fimo ballet shoes

Lela Moon

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