Thursday, 7 July 2016

July Crafts by Lela Moon

July Crafts by Lela Moon

This month I have three crafts that all include sycamore seeds.

They are;
A dragonfly
A fairy
A flower

1. Dragonfly

You will need:

Two sycamore double seed heads one larger than the other
Thin twig
Pearlescent paint or felt tip pens
Glue (I used a glue gun)

Take your thin twig and attach two little bits for the antenna and two for the legs

Paint the body
Paint the wings and add some glitter

Stick to the body putting on the smaller ones first pointing down then the larger ones on top

Put out in the garden or decorate your house

2. An Angel for your altar

You will need:

2 sycamore seed pods
Stick (about the size of your little finger)
Grass, wheat or corn
Acorn or wooden bead ( I used a wooden bead)
Glue ( I used a glue gun)
Sycamore leaf

If you are using a wooden bead and corn you can put a blob of glue onto the top of the corn and push it through the hole.

If you are using a stick and acorn then
Stick the grass to the stick half way down and then stick on the acorn as a head

Stick the sycamore seeds onto the back as the wings
Sprinkle the glitter over the grass/corn

Then put the leaf on top of her this drys it will make into folds.

3. Flower

You will need 

10 sycamore seed heads
Glue ( I used a glue gun)
Cotton thread

Stick the heads together in a circle turning them in towards each other to make a horse shoe shape

Then stick the cotton thread to the top to hang the flower up

This can be decorated if you like or it leave natural

This flower can be made into a festive wreath in December by adding red/green glitter (so collect your seed heads now and dry out and keep, ready to make natural decorations for your tree.

Lela Moon

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