Saturday, 6 August 2016

August Crafts by Lela Moon

August Crafts by Lela Moon

This month I have put together three crafts with a Beach Theme.

A holiday memory jar
A wind chime
A hanging Memory

1. Holiday memory jar

You will need an old jam jar

Two copies of three photos ( I used contact size)
Shells and pebbles from your holiday beach
Glue gun

First cut out your photos and stick them back to back, if they are not on photographic paper laminate them if you can. If not it doesn’t really matter as they will be inside a jar.

Cut your thread into three different lengths and stick them to the inside of the lid.

measure the thread inside the jar to make sure they hang and are able to move a little before you stick on the pictures.

Stick the pictures to the end of the thread.

Take your moss and put a little glue to the bottom and stick inside the bottom of the jar.

Then do the same with your shells and pebbles.

Screw on the lid and there is your holiday memoir.

I have made these for Christmas presents to remind us in the winter of our lovely summer holiday.

this picture does not do it justice .sorry.

2. A wind chime

You will need
a stick or lolly pop stick
Flat pebble
Glue gun

First take the stick and tie on a length of string to make a hanging hook

Cut different lengths of string and tie one end to the lolly stick

Stick on the shells and stones to the bottom of the strings
Hang in the garden.
Sounds wonderful

3. A hanging holiday memory

You will need several lolly pop sticks ( I used larger ones from a craft shop, you could also use drift wood)

A holiday photo (I laminated mine)
Flat pebbles
Anything you would like to use to decorate, I added some sea lavender and some gems

First take some string and make a hook by tying to a lolly pop stick

Take two long lengths of string and tie to each end.

Stick the lolly sticks up the string in a haphazard way and
then decorate with your shells, stones and pictures.

Hang up to remember your holiday

Lela Moon

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