Sunday, 18 September 2016

Blue Apatite by Autumn Ravenflower

Blue Apatite by Autumn Ravenflower

For pretty much most of my life, I've had a fascination with skulls. Not sure why, I just like them!
It obviously wouldn't be long then, that once I started taking an interest in crystals and their healing and magickal properties, that sooner or later, I would have to get a crystal skull.

The one I have isn't big, but its features are friendly and its a beautiful deep ocean blue with inclusions of deep green and a band of gold colour running around the back of the skull - Blue Apatite!

When I first held this crystal, I felt that it was a very spiritual stone, holding secrets to deep emotions and mysteries within yourself which when meditated with, could hold the key to understanding what is within you and what really makes you tick!

Blue Apatite is a fairly common stone found in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Russia. Although it can be found in yellow - the blue variety, which also contains greens and golds is the most prominent one.

Blue Apatite is a crystal of many properties - having a dual action is one of them. It first removes negativity, apathy or confusion, then replaces them with knowledge and truth, which can be worked with for the greater good of yourself or others.

It is, as I felt while holding it, a deeply spiritual stone. It has a vibratory level which is associated with psychic perception and paranormal abilities. Therefore, it is useful for work with past life or alternative life work, as it accesses the energies of a persons soul patterns, as well as enhancing creativity and your inner self.

Being blue, this stone is connected with the throat chakra, which helps with communication and public speaking. It is also attuned to the third eye which helps with concentration and memory skills, - hence the reason why its sitting next to me at the moment. (I do have a habit of mind wandering!)
Popped under your pillow or put on your bedside table, it is a wonderful dream stone - helping to access your subconscious for problem solving.

Blue Apatite is associated with healthy eating and raising your metabolic rate (I sooo need a whole bunch of these crystals then!)

It also aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to heal bones, teeth and cartilage associated with joint problems and arthritis.

This crystal also utilizes water energy - connected with a deep stillness, clarity and purification. Put this crystal in a place that you use for quiet contemplation, spiritual thought, or meditation.

My crystal skull means to me - life, death, thought, higher self, inspiration, dreams and subconscious, intuition and knowledge.

I feel that it embodies the energies of the blue apatite perfectly, so it remains one of my favourite crystals to work with.

Autumn Ravenflower

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