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Pink Tourmaline by Autumn Ravenflower

Pink Tourmaline by Autumn Ravenflower

I stumbled across this beautiful specimen while out at a craft centre which has a glass cabinet stocked with some unusual but very reasonably priced crystals. It caught my eye because it was a pink tourmaline blade set in quartz. 

Pink tourmaline has been found in Africa and Brazil as well as the USA and can vary in colour from pale pink to a deep rose, almost red colour. 

I have a black tourmaline pendant that I wear but was intrigued by the pink. It's a baby pink and is set beautifully amongst the almost fluffy whiteness of the quartz. 

Pink tourmaline is, as I had guessed, connected to the heart chakra, but is also connected to the crown chakra, which then infuses love with spirituality, encouraging compassion and a peace and understanding of Spirit. 

Wearing pink tourmaline helps release stress and worries and anxiety. My black tourmaline piece helps with repelling negative energies and anxiety too, so together these would work as a wonderful amulet for a happy and positive lifestyle. 

Tourmaline itself is a shamanic stone, providing protection during ritual or spell work.
It can also be used for scrying, although the black crystal would be more suited for this.
It is said that tourmaline strengthens the sense of smell, which then also enhances the pheromones producing an aphrodisiac effect. I think the pink one would be the most suited to this as its colour is also connected very much to the heart and of love and feelings. 

It's healing properties are of course beneficial in healing of the heart itself - calming and soothing it's beat, helping with the after effects of heart attack or angina. 

It's healing properties extend to cleansing our emotions, ridding our thoughts of destructiveness, guilt and anxieties and allowing self love and feeling of self worth to take their place. This gives a zest for life and encourages new thinking patterns and inspiration. Bringing about happiness and relaxation.
It's also an excellent crystal for skin disorders and any type of weakness that causes imbalance or falls. 

Pink Tourmalines divinatory meaning tells us that our inner child needs healing now and again. Have some fun! Colour, craft, sew - do those things that you enjoyed as a child or feel that you would enjoy now. Take some time to laugh, be silly if you want and just be carefree! 

Tourmaline has been used by many cultures throughout the ages. The Chinese have used it to carve and engrave figures. In India, tourmaline was believed to be a tool which brought insight and clarification in the discovery of which was good and which wasn't. This was also used in distinguishing good people from bad people.

Tribes in Africa, Native Americans and aboriginal groups used tourmaline as a talisman for protection. Artists and writers used it as a talisman to inspire creativity. 

Tourmaline itself comes in many colours of the rainbow and it was interesting to read that ancient legend says that this is so because it travelled along a rainbow from the earths centre gathering all the colours as it went!! Quite lovely I think...

Autumn Ravenflower

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