Thursday, 15 September 2016

September Lela Moon

September Crafts by Lela Moon

This month is a bit of a mixture.
I wanted to do something with positive thoughts and energy.
So I am making positive words for your garden.

Three little energy bags.
A very simple Fairy door and a
Lady Bird stone.

Garden words

You will need a selection of pebbles and permanent markers.

Write a selection of positive words on your stones and put them about your garden.

Easy, and these will make you think positive thoughts while walking about your little bit of heaven.

Positive Energy bags.

For these I uses the little organza bags. However you could make your own.

Obviously for these you will have to have “stuff” in the kitchen or garden. I am always collecting stuff when I am out and about and my garden is full of herbs.

Shops do sell all these herbs but start collecting or exchange bits with a friends, never go for a walk and come back empty handed.Do not dig up plants. Take a cutting

When I make these bags I add my intent while making them and you may add your own bits and bobs. It’s your bag, make it your own. Put the bits into the bag and enjoy the energy.

A Prosperity bag: for attracting abundance into your life.

I put in it a bay leaf, silver coin, button, pebble from the beach with sea energy, Green ribbon and 3 cloves.

Pop it in your handbag.

A healing bag:

Lavender for cleansing and healing
Rose petals for cleansing
Rose quartz for healing and peace, I have very little tiny rose quartz pieces for this sort of thing
Chamomile for calming

Bag for love or a wedding:

Penny for luck
Rose petals for love
Rosemary for remembrance
Lavender for healing
Chamomile for protection
Ribbon something blue

Fairy door.

You will need lolly pop sticks, as many as you need for the size of door required.

Glue, I used a glue gun
Paint or permanent markers

Take about four or five sticks and stick on to one on the diagonal (this is the back)

Cut the ends off two lolly sticks and the stick one at the top and one at the bottom on the front of the door

The take one of the cut ends and use this as the door knocker.

Decorate it how you like.

put it in the garden where you think the fae will need it most. If it is in the wrong position it will be moved!!

Lady bird:

You will need a little stone and permanent markers.

Literally paint the stone to look like a ladybird, bee, or any mini beast. Place it in a flower.

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