Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October Crafts by Lela Moon

October crafts by Lela Moon

This month we are making a leaf basket, a candle, and a little box of memories.

Leaf basket

For this you will need
1 balloon
1 egg cup or holder for the balloon
PVA glue
Paint brush

Blow up your balloon to the size of bowl you would like
Pop a little glue in the bottom of the egg cup and put in the balloon tie end down.

Then spread pva glue over each leaf and cover half of the balloon.

When covered put to one side and leave to dry. Will usually take a couple of days. Keep checking as sometimes the leaves slip down.

When dry pop the balloon. The whole thing will collapse DON’T PANIC but immediately take out the remains of the balloon and spread the leaves back to a bowl shape and leave to dry.

A candle

For this you will have to spend a little money. I get all my supplies from Amazon

you will need
Soya eco candle wax
A jam jar
Aromatherapy oil
Wick and metal holder (the best ones have a sticky tab on the bottom)
Glass jug
Oven gloves
Bit of material
Two little wooden sticks (tooth picks or kebab stick cut n half)

Measure the eco wax into a glass jug (Pyrex) for one jam jar I use double the amount, so two jam jars full.

Pop the jug into the saucepan of water and turn on to heat and melt the wax.

While this is happening measure the wick. It needs to be as long as the jar plus a bit.

Put one end into the metal holder and squeeze to fix.

Stick the metal holder to the bottom of the jar.

Put the two sticks together and tape at each end.

Then put the wick between the two tooth picks in the middle and rest on the top of the jar. This is to hold the wick in place when pouring the wax into the jam jar.

When the wax has melted add the oil or scent to it.

Then pour the wax into the jam jar. Leave it to set and do not move it or the wax may crack.

When it is set cut the wick leaving a couple of cm to light.

Take the jam jar lid and place on the material and cut round leaving a little extra

Stick the material to the lid and wrap round the ribbon.

You can also decorate the jar and the lid if you want.

Little book of memories

You will need

A small box
Strip of paper
Small photos, I used contact sheet size
Glue stick

Take you little box and decorate if you want.

Cut some paper the same length as the box and about five time longer.

This depends on your box size and how many photos you want to stick in it.

Use your box to mark the size for concertina

Concertina the paper up

Stick a picture on each page except the first square and the last one and leave to dry. I use a glue stick.

Stick the last page to the bottom of the box and the first one to the lid.

Fold up and put on the lid and give as a gift of keep in your handbag. This is great for a grandma bragging book

Lela Moon

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