Sunday, 11 December 2016

The YULE LOG by StormloverWolf

The YULE LOG by StormloverWolf – what is it and how do you make one you ask?

Once again our Wheel continues to turn and we find ourselves on the precipice of Yule. The days are cold and frosty and we long to cuddle down with a cuppa in front of a warm fire., oh yes it is time for us to make our seasonal Yule Log to enjoy in our home.

This tradition actually began in Norway a long time ago. We are in the dark time of the year with the promise of the returning light and so we find a special log, decorate it with love and care and while we gaze upon the glowing candles, we reflect on the past year, our accomplishments and look forward to the return of the sun and with it new hope for our future. The days will shine it's light just a little bit longer each day. 

We welcome the Oak King, the bringer of light that has nurtured our Earth through the frost and snow and now brings back the warmth to thaw the earth and helps her to bring forth our seedlings to once again allow us it's bounty and beauty.

Yule logs are easy to make and a lot of fun to do. Have the children join in and make it fun for everyone. I chose a log that I had had for many years knowing that it would be perfect for something, yet I never used it until I decided to make my own Yule log and the one I had was exactly what I needed.

Use your imagination, and I will add on a few pictures to give you some ideas. 

Gather greenery, ribbons, candles – pillar or tea lites. 
Give them a frosty look with either powdered sugar or salt crystals or even bits of cotton. 
Sprinkle glitter, add red berries, even perhaps a small animal as well. 
A red cardinal, a small squirrel, what else might you like? 
Red ribbons, white ribbons, gold ribbons too. 
Home made ornaments, give flight to wonderful ideas and have fun with this as they are truly a joy to do. 
I found it easier to use my glue gun, but you can use regular glue as well.

I had a friend drill in a few holes that would secure some t-lite candles easily. 
I included greenery that I cut in different sizes, gluing them this way and that. 

I also used red berries, pine cones and I also included a few quartz crystals that had special meaning to me as well.

We would love for you to post pictures for us on the Kitchen Witch Coven and/or Kitchen Witch School face book pages

or if you are one of our students, please post on our Forums so that we can all enjoy them. 

We hope you all have a wonderful Yule season to come!

Blessed Be! 

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