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School of Witchcraft: What we do...

The Kitchen Witch online School of Witchcraft has been open for over five years now and we are proud to say we have students from all across the world.

So what do we do?

The school is run by two elders:

Rachel Patterson (Tansy Firedragon) and Tracey Roberts (Sunchylde Dryadmoon)

Both High Priestesses with a combined figure of over 30 years of experience as witches - we are total certificate tarts and have enough of them between us to wallpaper a house... We love sharing what we have learnt and our own experiences with the Craft. We have studied many areas such as Wicca, Shamanic practices, Druidry, Herbalism, Tarot, Reiki, Crystals, Aromatherapy, all sorts of divination skills, Hoodoo, Progressive Magic, Yoga, Mysteries of Avalon, Historical Paganism, Mediumship and name a few. Rachel is also a published author with 12 books currently including one book co-written with Tracey. We are always learning something new...

All our lessons are original. All homework is reviewed by a School Elder.

Each lesson is taken at your own pace, you will have a dedicated Elder to help with any questions or queries you have as well as supporting you throughout your entire journey with us. We also provide on line journals for you to document each step of the way.

All lessons, study circles and rituals for the school are run on line so it doesn't matter where you are in the world!

Forest of Oak

Our Forest of Oak includes 21 lessons covering:
  • Introduction & what is a witch 
  • Energy 
  • Meditation & Visualisation 
  • Wheel of the Year 
  • Esbats 
  • Psychic Protection 
  • Deity, Elements 
  • Spell Writing 
  • Ritual 
  • Magical Tools 
  • Record Keeping 
  • Candle magic 
  • Affirmations 
  • Animal magic 
  • The Fae, Divination 
  • Healing, Crystals 
  • Herbalism 
  • Elementals 
This is our 'first degree' equivalent, giving a broad outline of the basic building blocks of the Craft, it is good for beginners but also good for those that have some experience but want some structured learning and also good for those that have experience but would like a 'refresher'.

Forest of Ash

If you then want to move onwards, we also have the Forest of Ash, also containing 21 lessons covering different subjects:

  • Colour magic 
  • Chakras 
  • Auras 
  • Moon magic 
  • Amulets, talismans and charms 
  • Mediumship 
  • Dreams & astral travel 
  • Magical oils 
  • Kitchen magic 
  • Nature spirits 
  • Magical gardening 
  • Magic of trees 
  • Earth mysteries 
  • Numbers and numerology 
  • Hoodoo 
  • Hexes, cursing & banishing 
  • Symbols & sigils 
  • Pathworking 
  • Shadow work 
  • Planetary magic 
  • Dragon magic 
If you wish you can then move onto the Forest of Hawthorn which covers a lot of inner work and deeper magic.


After completion of the Forest of Oak you will receive a certificate and the title Priest/ess of the Oak, after completion of the Forest of Ash you will receive a certificate and the title Priest/ess of the Ash, after completion of the Forest of Hawthorn you will receive a certificate and the title Priest/ess of the Ash.

There is then the option to also move on to become a High Priest/ess.

Our school also includes branch lessons where you can study a particular subject such as tarot, runes or crystals and includes an extensive Grimoire that is being added to all the time.

We also run regular online rituals, study halls and chats in our forum chatroom.

At Kitchen Witch we want to unlock the Witch Within you.
What we strive to do is to get each person to work with their intuition and instinct.

Note: We do have an age limit for the school - you must be over 18 to join.

  • There is no registration fee.
  • Monthly payment. 
  • Support throughout from a 
  • Dedicated Elder 
  • Team of Hearth Guardians for extra support 
  • Access to the online community, 
  • Grimoire full of information, 
  • Extra branch lessons and online 
  • Chat room rituals & events 
  • A certificate on completion of each level 
  • Option to take HPs training 

Access to four extra separate

downloadable courses, one every three months for the first year
  • Celtic Goddesses 
  • Celtic Gods 
  • Dark Goddesses 
  • Herbal Pathways 
10% discount on all orders from our online shop for students.

£13 (approx $16.51) per month

payable each month via paypal or direct debit until you finish the course or you can cancel at any time with no penalties.

Extra bonuses in the 2nd year of access to our Magic of Trees and Arc of the Goddess courses.

For more info:

For information or to sign up head on over to our School website

and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at

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