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What Kitchen Witches read...Book Reviews for September

What Kitchen Witches read...Book Reviews for September

A little insight into what some of us at Kitchen Witch have been reading over the last month... 

♥ Reviews by Sunchylde

Love Bites by TL Clark

I was sceptical about whether I would like this book at first at it isn't something I would normally read. But the story had my interest peeked from the first few pages. Shakira is a young woman who doesn't feel she belongs and so decides to move from her parents and feels a call to move to a small village in Wales. It's here that she discovers why she has always felt an outsider and that's because she isn't human.

I enjoyed the first half of the book. T L Clark has created some nice well-rounded characters and the sassy banter between them had me laughing out loud at times. There are also some quite explicit sex scenes too which I felt a bit embarrassed reading as it was almost like intruding on the private moments of two friends.

I was a little disappointed with the second half and the action part of the book. It was very fast paced but I felt almost a little rushed.

But I did enjoy the book and will be adding the sequel to my "to read" list. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention there are CATS

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I watched the TV series and absolutely loved it! Then the kindle book came up on an Amazon deal for 99p so I decided to buy it. After all the books are always better than the TV or film and I wasn't disappointed. Diana Gabaldon is an amazing author and fills each page not only with a compelling story but also with meticulously researched details from history to botany.

The story follows the journey of Claire Randall who whilst visiting Scotland with her husband accidently stumbles on a portal to the past. Having travelled back to 18th Century Scotland, which is a time when danger lurks around every corner, she meets James Fraser a brave Scottish warrior. Circumstances force the couple together and an epic love starts to blossom.

Outlander is a book filled with history, romance, sword fights, passion, botany and a little fantasy thrown in for good measure

♥ Reviews by Unity

Debra Dunbar's Imp Series

The series is about an imp, Samantha Martin from Hell who has sneaked over the border into Earth and spends her time playing pool, drinking beer and lusting over her hunky neighbour. But obviously things don't go to plan and she has run-ins with werewolves, demons and angels. The series is funny, original and very well written. I couldn't put my kindle down and rapidly brought every book in the series.

Amanda M Lee - A Mystic Caravan mystery

It's about a psychic woman Poet Parker who lives with a travelling circus, reading tarot and other things. The circus is not a normal one though, it's made up of supernatural people who fight evil wherever they go with an invisible lure net that surrounds the circus and attracts evil monsters and criminals.

It's an easy, fun and original read. The author is very funny and original if paranormal, cosy mystery type books are your thing.

♥ Reviews by Gypsy Willowmoon

Paula Brackston - The Shadow Chronicles

The first one in the collection is The Witches Daughter - Set in 1628 ... Bess Hawkins and her mother are accused of Witchcraft, her Mother is hanged and Bess needs to find a way to survive.

The Winter Witch - In her small Welsh town there is no one quite like Morgana - Her silence and the magic she can’t yet control, makes her a magnet for rumour.

The Midnight Witch - Lady Lilith Montgomery, daughter of the sixth Duke of Radnor, one of the most beautiful women in Elizabethan London, also has another life as the Head Witch of the Lazarus Coven, where they practice the art of necromancy.

The Silver Witch - A year after her husband’s death in a car accident Tilda finds herself moving to a remote cottage in Wales that they bought together with the intention of living there...What secrets will she find about herself...

I am in the middle of Return of the Witches Daughter, leaving 3 more books for me to finish.

All very good books, well written and brilliant story lines, she has definitely done her research. I would definitely recommend this set of books.

♥ Reviews by FionaJane

Ben Aaronovitch - The Rivers of London series 

The books follow a London copper who has a conversation with a ghost while working on a murder, he ends up being employed by a specialist unit who deal with the paranormal. He becomes an apprentice wizard and must work with supernatural beings as well as the various rivers of London who are gods personified. Quite a few books in the series now and have loved everyone.

Deborah Harkness - All Souls Trilogy 

There are 3 books in the series which is about to be made into a TV series. A witch develops a relationship with a vampire and involves time travel. Won't spoil it by giving too much away but all 3 books had me engrossed!

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