Sunday, 3 September 2017

Working with energy by Sunchylde Dryadmoon

Energy is one of the most essential skills you can have in your witchy tool kit. Without it spells will fall flat so it's so important to know how to sense it, raise it and use it.

Energy is in everything. Plants and trees, pebbles and rocks, crystals and people. Everything! To get used to feeling energy, try rubbing your palms together briskly and then pull them apart to around 6 inches. You feel that resistance and heat between your palms? That's energy, your energy. Now visualise and pull energy from the earth beneath you, feel it coming up through your feet, into your body and out through the palms of your hands. That little resistance you felt can now be moulded into a ball. Make it as big or as small as you like. When you are finished clap your hands to disperse the excess energy.

There are many ways to raise energy. Some of the more usual and simple ways are creating the ball of energy as you just did. Drumming is another great and powerful way to raise energy. As is music, dance and chanting. How you chose to raise your energy will largely depend on personal preference and circumstances. You may not want to raise energy by dance if you are planning a solo ritual at home but this method works great in group gatherings.

So, you've raised energy, now what? Well you need to get the energy to where it needs to go, into the spell. A wonderful way to do this is again with the good 'ole energy ball. As you are creating your ball visualise what you are trying to manifest then once you have a strong vision and the ball feels ready to go release it into whatever it is you are creating. That could be a charm bag, a witch’s bottle or a candle spell.

My favourite method is using the breath. I build energy through drumming or chanting and then breathe it out into a charm bag or other creation I might be making. I find that works a treat for me.

Working with energy is quite a personal thing as is most things in witchcraft, as you practice and learn you will find the perfect way for you.

Another question we often get asked is how do you know when to release the energy? This comes with practice I think. When you've tried a few times, you know when the energy has built to its fullest and is ready to go. You feel the crescendo and you let go. Trust your intuition and you can't go wrong.

So, go off and have a practice and let us know how you get on. And remember when working with energy always remember to ground afterwards. Place your hands on the earth and release the excess out through hands, clap, or have something to eat. Eating chocolate is a fantastic way to ground.

Sunchylde Dryadmoon

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