Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Magick of Pansies

I am going to get some pansies today to put in the pot at the front of my house, something bright and cheerful at this time of year.

Pansies have many folk names including, kiss-me-at-the-garden-gate, love-in-idleness, Johnny jump-ups, garden violet and heart’s ease.

According to legend, the god Eros accidentally shot one of his love-inducing arrows into the pansy, causing it to smile. The happy face of the pansy has been grinning ever since.

These bright multi-coloured flowers are incorporated into garden witchery spells and charms for easing a broken heart and for spreading cheer. Also used in love magick and rain spells, and are said to attract love if carried. Can also be used to aid reflection upon a matter or for calming racing thoughts.

In British folklore, picking this magick herb on a sunny day will make it storm, and picking one of these blossoms with dew on it will cause the death of a loved one--pretty powerful stuff! Plant pansies in the shape of a heart; if they prosper, so too will your love.

The flowers are edible and slightly sweet.

In the language of flowers the pansy says “think of me” and “happy memories”.

Gender: Feminine
Planet: I have seen the pansy listed as being aligned to the planet Pluto, Saturn and Venus.
Element: Water
Powers: Love, rain magic, love divination
Deity: Eros, Cupid

You can get pansies in all sorts of colours, even black. A general flower colour and magickal correspondence guide:

White: The Maiden, all purpose, purification, protection, moon magick
Green: The God, element of earth, faeries, healing, money, luck, fertility
Pink: Friendship, children, affection, love
Red: The Mother, element of fire, lust, love, sex, healing, protection
Yellow: The element of air, wisdom, mental powers, divination
Orange: Energy, vitality and success
Purple: Power, psychic abilities, passion
Blue: Element of water, healing, sleep, peace
Brown and beige: home, stability, pets
Black and dark burgundy: The Crone, banishing, breaking hexes, removing negativity

Try chanting this flower fascination charm while you add these flowers into a pot or container. Repeat this flower fascination three times.

The pansy’s happy face is a blessing in the spring
Protection, joy and love this magick does bring
Purple blooms for protection and bright yellow ones for cheer
Blue shades for peace and health, red for the loved ones I hold so dear
Eros, hear my call, add your loving magick to mine
While I bless my home and family, come rain or shine


Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Cottage Witchery & Garden Witchery by Ellen Dugan

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