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I was once given a moonstone by a lady that runs a witchcraft store when I mentioned to her that I was leading my first ritual, she gave it to me to take with me. I also have a beautiful ring that I purchased some years ago that has a rainbow moonstone.

The Romans thought moonstone was formed out of pure moonlight because of its silvery gleaming hue. It is the stone of moon goddesses everywhere, especially the Greek moon and love goddess Aphrodite and Selene, the Greco-Roman full moon goddess.

According to legend, blue moonstones, the most rare and precious moonstones are washed up on shore only on the night of the blue moon, the second full moon to fall in the same month.

Throughout the Orient and in Europe the moonstone is associated with love and was worn to attract a lover. In India lovers spoke their vows over matching moonstones empowered by the light of the full moon to ensure continuing love and fidelity so long as the moon is in the sky.

Moonstone is especially healing for woman, though it helps with hormonal and thyroid problems with both males and females. For women it eases trouble with fluid retention, PMT, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, the menopause and fertility. Moonstone helps to lesson mood swings and prevents overreacting to situations and the pressures of others. It relieves insomnia, nightmares and hormonal and stress related headaches.

A dish of moonstones in the main sitting area at home helps to ease the tensions of the day and to mark the transition between the world of home and work. Moonstone also helps the body clock adjust for those that work shifts.

Moonstone is a favourite with children. It prevents night terrors and helps wakeful children establish a regular sleep pattern. It will promote calm in hyperactive children by helping them to get in touch with natural rhythms.

A moonstone near a cat bed will prevent the cat from straying too far at night.

Moonstones protect travellers, especially those who travel at night and on the sea. Frequent travellers should keep one in the glove box of a car for safe night driving and as protection against road rage. Other travellers can keep a moonstone in their luggage.

As one of the most magickal stones, the moonstone plays a central part in allowing positive energies to flow in rituals, especially moon magick, and for developing psychic abilities in a safe, gradual way. During the full and waning moon, and for all readings at night, moonstone is a powerful trigger for divination and prophecy.

For personal divination, ask a question and drop five moonstones into a crystal bowl of water lit by the moon or by silver candles. The ripples as each falls into the water will suggest an image in your mind’s eye and the five images will answer your question.

You can also place a moonstone on your brow before sleep while you ask your question. The answer should appear in a dream.

Moonstone is also associated with the growth of plants. Bury one in the soil when planting herbs in the three days before the full moon.

Moonstone is believed to absorb the powers of the moon, becoming deeper in colour, more translucent and more powerful for healing as the moon waxes until it reaches full moon. As the moon wanes, the moonstone becomes paler and releases gentler energy, encouraging rest and withdrawal from frantic activity.

On the night of the full moon, leave your crystals in a dish from moonrise to moon set to recharge them.

Rainbow moonstone:

Believed in classical times to absorb moon and starlight, rainbow moonstone increases in translucence or becomes dull in response to the underlying mood of the person carrying or wearing it.

The iridescence is caused by what may appear to be insect like inclusions, these are in fact tiny prismatic fractures that reflect rainbows.


Source - Healing Crystals by Cassandra Eason

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  1. Thank you,very interesting I have brought a moonstone and like the idea of having a dish of them in the living area,will now be getting some more :)