Thursday, 30 June 2011

War Water Bottles

We have been working some hedgewitch hoodoo in Kitchen Witch today, some fabulous things coming your way shortly.

However in our ponderings and researchings today we came across Hoodoo War Water Bottles.

A Hoodoo War Water bottle would be sent, left on your doorstep or thrown at an enemy.  Each bottled contained, basically a swampy or bloody yuck, which if thrown at your property would smash and leave a foul smelling mess.  It has been said that to break a bottle of War Water on the property of your enemy will bring strife and sorrow to their household.

War Water Bottles may have contained such items as black feathers, blood (probably from chickens) or blood substitutes (beetroot or tomato juice for instance), moss, rusty nails and broken glass amongst other things.

Each item being symbolic, according to the author Stephanie Rose Bird - the nails were to tie down wayward spirits and broken glass suggested the transparent spirit world and all came together to give the warning - watch out Hoodoo is coming your way!

However there is another use for these bottles in African American tradition and that is to use as a trap for wayward spirits.

We took the idea today at Kitchen Witch and added our hedgewitchiness (is that even a word?) and came up with the Dark World Bottle.

The contents of our Dark World Bottle are 'swamp inspired' and used as a trap for wayward spirits, bad thoughts and negative vibes.

Use this bottle to trap and ensnare bad and negative energies, dark thoughts, moods and feelings and any nasty vibes. Once you feel it is full take the bottle to a safe place and smash it - sending its contents back to Mother Earth to be purified taking with it any left over nasties. Ahhhh .... feel the beautiful release!!

But, please be careful to clear up any broken glass and dispose of it safely.


Recommended website - Stephanie Rose Bird


  1. LOL there is no such thing as war water..... LOL

  2. Have to disagree with you there Happy Fraggle, our research proves otherwise, lots of info out there on them :-)