Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tylluan Penry

My first encounter with the wonderful Tylluan Penry was at Witchfest last year, she is an amazing lady.

Tylluan is a practicing solitary pagan witch and published pagan author. She writes about all sorts of things - paganism, the green man, solitary witchcraft, spells, festivals, her family and the world around her.

Her books include:

'Seeking the Green' about her personal pagan path.
The author has been seeking the Green for most of her life. What this meant in practice was that she was drawn to every aspect of the pagan path that touched upon Nature, the natural world, and its deities, becoming aware of the green landscape that underlies and surrounds towns, cities and factories. In this book she shares what she has learned and experienced; finding and making green gateways that would take her on magical journeys where she could learn more about the mysteries that surround us. Looking at and listening to the natural world. Strengthening your inner self, psychic self defence, working with the Green world - both the physical such as the uses of trees and the otherworldly such as fairies, the element, festivals ans symbols are all covered here plus spellworking and much more. As you read through these pages, you will see that this path is intended for people working on their own, meaning you will never find things you cannot do without a partner or group; everything in Seeking the Green is designed for solitaries, but can of course be carried out by couples or groups. Years of experience, sound wisdom and commonsense run throughout the book - it reads like having a calm experienced guide right beside you.

'The Magical Properties of Plants and how to find them.'
In her introduction to the book, Tylluan writes: "What puts many people off using herbs in their magic is the idea they are going to have to become skilled amateur botanists. Of course it's true that the more you study plants the more you learn, but for most of us the plants we see everyday in our immediate surroundings are common weeds such as Daisies, Nettles and Forget-me-nots. Not very inspiring stuff, you might think. But I intend to show you that even with very limited resources, if you make the effort to find what is in your area you'll probably be surprised to discover you have the ingredients for virtually every magical purpose growing on your doorstep!
Discovering the magical properties of plants is a bit like being a detective; you need to follow the clues to unravel what any particular flower, tree, shrub or even toadstool is likely to contribute towards your magical practice. But you don't have to learn about hundreds of different plants, just half a dozen local ones will be enough to enrich your magical practice to start with, although as you become more skilled your options will increase. " An extremely well researched and informative book. A wealth of information is detailed in a very readable style. Instead of working through plants alphabetically, Tylluan has laid the book out in use order - it is rare to find a plant then look for something to do with it, far more often we have a need then have to find out what to use to achieve it so this makes a lot of sense. A detailed index completes this excellent tome

'The Essential Guide to Psychic Self Defence.'

This is a truly excellent guide to psychic self defence, an invaluable resource for anyone experiencing psychic phenomena that concern them, and an important education to have in advance of possible trouble. As more and more people become aware of their own psychic capabilities, problems arising from negative energies and even psychic attacks have increased. This full and detailed guide to dealing with psychic attacks, negativity, hexes etc is based on Tylluan's extensive personal experience and is also very well researched, giving both a wealth of practical advice and a history of problems and their solutions through the ages. Whilst repeatedly reassuring the reader and describing how much "attack" is just others playing mind games causing fear, very full advice is given to deal with an extensive range of real problems!

She is also currently working on her latest book, 'The Magical World of the Anglo Saxons' which will be published later this year.

Her books are available from

She also has a wonderful blog

She is a regular speaker at the Witchfests run by the Children of Artemis and a regular contributor to Witchcraft and Wicca magazine, Myddle Earth Magazine, and Witchcraft Inner Circle on-line magazine.



  1. Dear Tansy - thank you so much for this lovely post! It's very kind of you to mention me. I am hoping to be at the Artemis Gathering in Oxfordshire in August and at Witchfest International in August. There are so many more books I want to write - just never enough hours in the day!
    Brightest blessings
    Tylluan :)

  2. **taps fingers waiting for the Anglo-Saxon Rune book ;)** Can't wait to get this one!

    Much love