Thursday, 29 September 2011

What witchy wear?

We have been having some discussions recently on the Kitchen Witch forum ( about what robes a druid or a witch wears.

My personal thoughts about ritual wear:

I like to wear my druid robes or a witchy dress and my cloak to ritual for several reasons.    I think it is respectful and it honours deity.  But I also think it puts me in the right frame of mind for ritual.  To put on special clothing is like a 'key' it transforms me into ritual mode.

But what colour to wear?  This is what we have been debating about the most!

Having done a lot of research on this it seems that as a druid white or cream is the most standard colour for ritual robes.   If you belong to OBOD you also have the option of wearing blue if you are in the Bardic grade or green if you are in the Ovate grade, the colour for the Druidic grade is white.  You could also stick to the plain white robe and add a coloured cord or sash to indicate the grade you are on.

As for witchy wear, it does seem that pretty much anything goes!  Although black, green and purple seem to be the most popular colours.  A lot of witches also seem to dress in colours that suit the season, so would wear brown and orange for the Autumn for instance.   Personally I like velvet dresses and corsets!

I think the conclusion is that you wear what you feel comfortable in.    And of course budget comes into it too, not everyone has the pennies to purchase robes and cloaks - they can be pretty expensive.  So I would also say don't let not having any robes stop you from attending a group ritual!



  1. I agree that it is what feels best for you. I always wear my black velvet cloak, its the only one if been drawn to. I love black, and it protects me from negativity durring ritual or spell work, and i wear it year round. for the changing of the seasons i wear a long flowy scarf, white for winter, orange for samhain, etc. Thank you for this article;-) Blessed Be-Loving NightFire

  2. The robes shown in the images were made by Paganalia