Monday, 13 February 2012

Magic on the Breath

I have just finished reading Tylluan Penry's book 'Magic on the Breath'.

It was an interesting read, possibly aimed at those newer to the craft but also a useful read for those more experienced, with some really good exercises in.

The book is based on Tylluan's years of experience and her belief that power comes from our own breath.  I hadn't actually realised it but on reading her book I do use my breath a lot when I am working magic so it made perfect sense!

Tylluan has an open and honest way of talking about the craft which was very refreshing to read.

She covers a whole host of topics all based on casting spells, good sections on glamour magic, talismans & amulets, working with the moon, knot magic, the magic around us, lots of practical uses for magic on the breath and an excellent chapter on thought forms.

A very interesting read, lots of exercises to work with and a totally honest and refreshing view of working magic.

You can purchase this book and others in her collection from thewolfenhowlepress

Or Magic on the Breath can be purchased for Kindle download for the silly price currently of £1.53  or if you are in the USA

Tylluan also has a blog


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