Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17th June

Day Three .......

Well, today is the day we are off to Stonehenge for a Ritual with our friends and colleagues from the Dorset Grove ..... so, better get ready...

No, Tin - the Chesney hat isn't what we meant by getting ready ...... no matter how fetching you look :)

Now, that's more like it ......  although this Toga's a bit 'drafty'

Meeting up with the rest of the KW leadership team - and a chance for Mr Raven to start putting his 'official' photo skills to good use

Hmmmm - Raven - that monobrow thing you have going on is soooooooooooooooooo you!!!! and at least Tin didn't put the Stang somewhere unmentionable!!

The wild and windy ritual was perfect - our Tansy invoked the Callieach during one part - and from then on the Raven's flew ..... seeing our Tansypants in the centre made us feel so many emotions - but the main one was pride.... she's a natural that one!!!

Due to privacy reasons I can't go into details of the actual ritual, but the mood, the sky, the scene was intense and pretty indescribable.... it's something Tin and I will never, experience the like of again and it's a memory that will last our lifetimes ........and if for some reason we start to forget then all Tin will have to do is look at the wonderful Beaver staff that she was gifted by the Dorset Grove ArchDruid .... such a lovely gift!!!

After the ritual .... and Sun taking out a coachload of tourists with her cloak.... we headed to the Harvester and Tin helped me to choose my dinner

Hmmmm - what to have - what's typically British................. meh - lets skip dinner and head for the desserts...

Oops ..... maybe starting with Tansy's wasn't such a good idea .....

Now is this death by chocolate ,............... or because I choose Tansy's ................. 

A bear hug makes everything better!!!!! 

Day Four..... 

Father's day - so I've headed back to the cave to spend time with Daddy Bear - but Tin had a lovely day spent a with Raven and Pixie shopping and then back to Ravens' Dad, to meet the extended family and a BBQ ....tomorrow we meet up again and head for Tintagel ............ yep Tin's going home!!!!! 

love Raven, Tin, Bear and the KW team x x x 

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