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A Twisted Tale - Tools ~ Starlit

Merry meet m'twisted lovelies! I hope you're well!

Now the last time I posted Twisted Sisters Tarot and Tools had just launched, we've done our first fair since then with the folks at Chi Coffee, we've had quite a few successes and have been overwhelmed at the levels of support. We're looking forward to the next New Age Fair in Basingstoke with Magik Earth of Southampton on Saturday 3rd May.

Our tools are featured at Chi Coffee in Portsmouth, and will be travelling with our Kitchen Witch Elders to the Faerie Fair in Petersfield & the Wandering Witches fair in Bedhampton, they can also be purchased directly from the Twisted Facebook Page if you drop me a line via PM.....

One thing I've been told over and over is that I'm a control freak, the stall is my baby - I've been reluctant to have lots of information all over the place, but I'm starting to accept that people may not know exactly what my tools are and are equally as reluctant to ask - so there is a customer lost.

So what are the tools provided by Twisted Sisters Tools?


I still play with dolls, but it’s not what you think!
The use of poppets has been a part of my magical journey for a few years now.

Poppets have been used for centuries as a form of sympathetic magic, and are similar to voodoo dolls. Even though they are now associated with voodoo, poppets come from Western European traditions. These small figures can be used in many ways and are powerful allies in healing, energising and attracting spells.

Usually a poppet is made out of cloth Twisted Poppets are made of felt, but I’ve experimented and made some out of clay, wood and wax. They are filled with herbs and crystals that match the purpose of the spell. Connecting them to you when you purchase them can be as simple as pinning your name or your intention to them, holding them and visualising your needs/desires or simply carrying them with you, tucked safely away.

How does a poppet work? For example, Let’s say you have a person that you need to banish from your life. You make a poppet from black cloth (a colour of banishment), and fill it with rue, birch and garlic (or one of those three). After charging the doll with the person’s name, you could bind the doll’s hands to stop the person from meddling in the affairs of others. For a finishing touch, you can toss the doll in the river to take it far away from you. This symbolises the person being taken out of your life.

Of course, not all poppets are for banishment. You can also make poppets to heal yourself and others. In this case, you could use green fabric, and fill the poppet with rosemary, juniper or saffron. If you or someone you know is experiencing pain, you can place pins in the area that is causing pain. Slowly remove the pins to relieve the pain and heal the person represented by the poppet.

When you purchase a Twisted Poppet, decide what its purpose will be. Remember that poppets are constructed to represent people. Who is this poppet for? Tell the poppet who it is and bestow is with a name. Does a friend need help securing a new job? Do you want a poppet to protect your home or your car? Do you need some self love, peace, confidence? Do you want to bring abundance or prosperity in to your life? Do you need to heighten your intuition?

Twisted poppets are constructed using my personal colour correspondences and are filled with the herbs I associate with areas they represent. They're ready though, for your purpose... bind it, pin it, bury it, bless it and let the magic begin!

Witches Bottles

Witch bottles originate from a British tradition that started in the 1500s. Witches of the British Isles used glass bottles filled with iron nails, human hair, bodily fluids, thorns, needles and pieces of wood. In ancient times, the bottles were buried underneath the fireplace. From a magical point of view, the fireplace was a security risk as it had a straight connection to the sky above. Actually traditionally witches bottles were used to ward off witchcraft!!!!

Today, we use witch bottles to capture any negative energies coming from outside toward ourselves and our families. Twisted Witches Bottles are made to draw out negativity and bring in peace, sleep, confidence, self love, friendship, protection, abundance, prosperity, passion and, intuition. The possibilities are endless, they are basically spells in a bottle which means you can do anything with them you wish.

The main thing that makes all witch bottles alike is their structure. I my practice I normally use small jam jars, mayonnaise jars or mason jars, the Twisted Jars are small viles and large jam jars. I fill them with herbs and crystals that are specific to the purpose and tie a charged charm around them to add to the magic. I charge each item with the intended purpose before I place them in the bottle.

Witch bottles are always more potent with some personal items such as hair, saliva, blood and other bodily fluids - I haven't added any of these, but I also haven't sealed them, so you can if you want to, to help connect the bottle to you!

After constructing a witch bottle and charging it, it can be purchased! The next step is to bury the bottle. This is a way of activating the spell and returning the energy back to the earth in order for it to come to you. If you own your own home, you may be able to place the witch bottle in a traditional place, like under the fireplace, under the floor or in the walls. I usually recommend, for those that own their home, to bury the bottle in the back garden in a place where nobody will accidentally break it while gardening.

Burying a witch bottle can be more difficult if you live in an flat, but not impossible! It’s not a good idea to bury the bottle in a shared yard, or somewhere that a neighbour can dig up the bottle and hurt them. The bottle doesn’t have to be near your home in order to work. You can make a trip to a forest to bury your bottle. If you’d like to keep your bottle close to home, you can make a smaller bottle that can be buried in a large flowerpot near your door. If you’re living in the “broom closet,” or with a roommate the miniature bottle idea may work as well. Small witch bottles can be hid in a variety of ways and still provide the same results.

Witch bottles are very powerful, since the energy of the spell is contained in an enclosed area. Make sure to protect your bottle when you got it, especially if you used any of your own hair or bodily fluids...

Witches Charm Bags

Twisted Charm bags can be made up to suit almost any occasion, for example: I currently offer - protection, confidence, self love, friendship, prosperity, fertility/abundance, intuition enhancement, peace and sleep and passion/lust, but like everything else I can make up a customised bag if wanted. They will last 3 - 4 months and can be re filled if wished.

Obviously they do not instantly guarantee a miraculous cure for all problems but the gentle healing energies help along with your belief. Charm bags may be carried around with you in your pocket, handbag etc or hidden somewhere in your home, put somewhere special. When purchased you can add in a couple of items specific to you and maybe attach a tag with your initial on it. This is help connect the energies to you.

Remembering no 2 bags will ever be exactly the same. All the ingredients are charged specifically for purpose. The fabric is rich and colourful and comes from India. They are lovingly made and stuffed for their purpose.

These are the three main tools of Twisted Tools but I also offer:

* Hand-rolled spell candles with star holders
* Hand made candle holders (tea-light and spell candles)
* Hand made sparkle tea lights
* Hand-blended oils for anointing person and candles, and adding to baths
* Hand-blended incenses for burning during rituals and spells
* Empty mini leather medicine pouches to add your items to (great for crystals)
* SALE TOOL: Elemental Mexican God's Eyes - the magic of the elements weaved around a cross of oak branches to enhance the element in your spell...

I'm always creating and coming up with ideas, so stay tuned for what may pop up next... You can find me on Facebook ~ search for Twisted Sisters Tarot & Tools

Or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you and I would like to say thank you for all of your support over the last couple of months & long may it continue! :)
~ Starlit xxx

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