Friday, 5 December 2014

Goddess Moons - By Rosie Meadows

One of our fabulous Kitchen Witch School students Rosie Meadows has created her own list of names for each moon of the year and her own list of personal correspondences:

24th December – 20 January Macha Moon
Totem animal                        -    Crow
Magic workings/
energies/type of spell work  -    Winter spell for a safe home
Herbs                                     -    Cinnamon, cloves, marjoram and parsley
Colours                                  -    Navy blue, peach, grey and purple
Trees                                     -    Larch and sycamore
Crystals                                 -    Blue obsidian
21st January – 17th February Badb Moon
Totem animal                        -    Deer
Magic workings/
energies/type of spell work   -    Banish depression spell
Herbs                                      -    Ginger, geranium, and turmeric
Colours                                   -    Pale yellow, grey and brown
Trees                                      -    Oak and willow
Crystals                                  -    Yellow calcite
18th Febrary – 17th March Bloddwedd Moon
Totem animal                        -    Robin
Magic workings/                   -    Seeds of opportunity spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                    -    Mint, parsley and sage
Colours                                 -    Teal, white and silver
Trees                                    -    Cherry and Lilac
Crystals                                -    Aventurine
18th March – 14th April Coventina Moon
Totem animal                       -    Frog
Magic workings/                  -    Peacock spell to increase confidence
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                   -    Fennel, chamomile and cinnamon
Colours                                -    Pale green, pale blue and lilac
Trees                                    -    Blackthorn and Birch
Crystals                                -    Banded Agate
15th April – 12th May Henwen Moon
Totem animal                       -    Dog
Magic workings/                  -    Money spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                    -    Nettle, rose and oregano
Colours                                 -    Pink, brown and gold
Trees                                    -    Apple, Pear and Ash
Crystals                                -    Moonstone
13th May – 9 June Aine Moon
Totem animal                      -    Dolphin
Magic workings/                 -    flower wishing spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                   -    Mint and dandelion
Colours                                -    yellow, orange and red
Trees                                   -    Hawthorn, elder
Crystals                               -    Rose quartz
10th June – 7th July Olwen Moon
Totem animal                    -    Bear
Magic workings/                -    Seeds of opportunity spell
energies/type of spell work       
Herbs                                 -    meadowsweet, clover and avens
Colours                              -    Bright green, bright pink and violet
Trees                                 -    Crab apple, field maple
Crystals                             -    Yellow calcite
8th July – 4th August Danu Moon
Totem animal                     -    Ant
Magic workings/                -    Summer prosperity spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                   -    Rose, catnip and lavender
Colours                                -    Lilac, pink and yellow
Trees                                   -    Lime and silver birch
Crystals                               -    Amethyst
5th August – 1st September Branwen Moon
Totem animal                     -    Butterfly
Magic workings/                -    A spell to protect your cat
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                  -    Fennel, marjoram and ladys mantle
Colours                               -    Orange, green and brown
Trees                                  -    Wych elm and Hazel
Crystals                              -    Green moss agate
2nd September – 29th September Elen Moon
Totem animal                   -    Crane
Magic workings/              -    Queen bee spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                                -    Bay and yellow loosestrife
Colours                             -    Gold, turquoise and Olive
Trees                                -    Elder and Hornbeam
Crystals                            -    Carnelian
30th September – 27th October Morrigan Moon
Totem animal                 -    Bat
Magic workings/            -    Misplaced objects spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                             -    Chickweed and coriander
Colours                          -    Russet, purple and dark blue
Trees                             -    Poplar and Oak
Crystals                         -    Moonstone
28th October – 24th November Morgan Le Fey Moon
Totem animal                -    Dragon
Magic workings/           -    Friendship spell
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                            -    Echinacea, ginger and thyme
Colours                         -    Black, silver and teal
Trees                            -    Poplar and grey willow
Crystals                        -    Aventurine
25th November – 23rd December Rhiannon Moon
Totem animal             -    Horse (of course)
Magic workings/        -    To improve physic vision spell         
energies/type of spell work
Herbs                          -    Wintergreen, barley and borage
Colours                       -    Grey, orange and blue
Trees                          -    Holly and Yew
Crystals                      -    Citrine

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