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Basil by Unity

Basil by Unity
Ocimun basilicum

Folk names: St. Josephs wort, Sweet basil, Witches herb, Our herb, Kiss me Nicholas
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Powers: Love, exorcism, wealth, protection, peace, happiness

Basil is a member of the mint family, and is a popular culinary herb. There are several different varieties available including : Bush basil, Greek basil , Thai basil, Holy basil, Cinnamon basil, Purple basil and Lemon basil. All possess the same properties. The word Ocimum is from the Greek, meaning 'to be fragrant' and the word Basil is from the Greek, meaning 'King'. Pregnant women should not eat too much of it.

Basil is rarely used in herbal medicine today, however the leaves can be added to meals or drank in a tea to help with digestion, relieve nausea, ease headaches, upset stomachs, migraines, vertigo and colic. The leaves can also ease insect bite/stings when rubbed on them, and repel mosquitoes when rubbed on the skin.

In Elizabethan times sweet basil was used as a snuff for colds, to clear the brain and to ease headaches. It was also once prescribed as a sedative against gastric spasms, as an expectorant and a laxative.

In India Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is considered a sacred herb. It is grown around temples, homes and businesses and is regarded as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi, a manifestation of Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity) and a consort of Vishnu. It is also used in Ayurveda medicine.

In Egypt basil was strewn onto graves and used in embalming. Basil was also used by some Greek orthodox churches in their preparation of holy water. In some ancient European countries is was believed that you had to curse the ground as you planted it to ensure it's growth. 

In many countries it was associated with love, young women would wear it in their hair to attract love and place pots of it on windowsills to show would be suitors that they could be approached.
In Haiti basil is sacred to Erzuli, the goddess of love, and it is believed to be a powerful protector.
In Tudor times, small pots of basil were given to guests as a parting gift.
A pot of basil given as a gift will bring luck to a new home.
Keep a pot of basil in your kitchen to act as a fly repellent.
Basil is said to keep away goats and attract scorpions, although I think the opposite would be better !

Magical uses:

Witches were said to drink basil juice before flying on their broomsticks.
Carrying a basil leaf in your pocket or purse will attract money.
Soak basil leaves in water for 3 days, then sprinkle the water over the threshold of your business to bring in customers and keep away thieves.
Keep some basil in each room of your home for protection, and use in protection sachets, bottles and incense.
Basil can also be used in exorcism and purification sachets, bottles, baths and incenses and astral projection incense.
It is said that if a pot of basil is given to a member of the opposite sex, they will fall in love with the giver and remain forever faithful.
After an argument with loved ones, sip basil tea to calm you down and put you in the right mood to settle the dispute peacefully. Adding basil to meals after a family dispute will have the same effect.
Rub a basil leaf on your skin, or wear the essential oil diluted in a carrier oil as a perfume to attract love.
Place 2 fresh basil leaves onto hot coals, if they lie where you placed them and burn quickly, your relatonship will be harmonious. If they crackle, there will be quarrels, and if they jump apart with a fierce crackle the relationship is undesirable.

1 tbsp pine nuts
4 tbsp chopped basil leaves
2 cloves garlic, chopped
75g (2 1/2 oz) parmesan cheese
6 tbsp sunflower or olive oil ( not virgin)

Blend the pine nuts, basil and chopped garlic until smooth. Add the oil slowly and continue to blend until you have a thick paste. Season with salt to taste. Stir into cooked and drained pasta. Will keep in a sealed ocntainer in the fridge for at least a week. Can be frozen, but wrap the container in 2 layers of cling film to prevent the aroma escaping.

Prosperity sachet
Tie up in a circle of green cloth or in a small green bag :

2 parts basil
1 part cinnamon
1 part mint

Peace sachet
Tie up in a circle of white cloth or a small white bag :
2 parts basil
2 parts thyme
1 part cumin


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