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Bay by Unity

Bay by Unity

Laurus nobilis

Other names: Grecian Laurel, Sweet bay, Sweetleaf, Hero's crown, Indian bay, Baie Daphne, Laurier D' Apollon, Lorbeer, Laurier sauce.

Planetry ruler: Sun
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Associated deities: Adonis, Apollo, Aesculapius, Cere's, Cerridwen, Cupid, Daphne, Eros, Faunus, Ra, Vishnu.

Magical properties: Protection, purification, strength, power, healing, creativity, spirituality, psychic powers.

The bay tree is an evergreen that is native to the Mediterrean, but grows all over the world. It is a slow growing tree that does well in pots. It can grow up to 6o ft in sunny climes and about 25 ft in Britian. The leaves can be picked all year round and can be used magically, and in cooking to add flavour to savoury dishes ( remove before serving)


In Greek myth, Eros shot Apollo with a golden arrow of love, and Daphne with a lead arrow, causing Apollo to fall in love with her. Daphne didn't return his feelings, and fled from Apollo. She begged the Gods for help and was turned into a Bay tree. From that time Apollo wore a bay wreath in Daphne's memory.

Greek's and Roman's crowned athletes with bay wreathes, and Roman soldiers wore bay after having won a battle. It was a symbol of both wisdom and victory. Nowadays Grand Prix winners are given wreathes of bay.

To be crowned with a wreath of laurel meant great academic achievement, we still use the title 'Poet Laureate' meaning 'crowned with laurel'.

The ancient Priestesses of Apollo at Delphi chewed bay leaves to induce a prophetic state. The temples roof is said to have been made of bay leaves, to protect the temple from disease, witchcraft and lightening. Bay was also dedicated to Apollo's son Aesculapius, the god of medicine.

In Rome bay was also used in purification rites. Emperor Claudius moved his court to Laurentium during a plague, as it was a well known area for bay tree's.

Magical uses:

A bay leaf placed under your pillow or inside a dream pillow, will bring prophetic dreams and inspiration.

The leaves can be used in sachets for protection, purification, inspiration, healing and to attract love. They can also be kept amongst your clothes to keep moths away.

Bay leaves can be used in incense during cleansing and purification rituals, to increase your psychic powers or to invoke Apollo, Cere's and Aesculapius. Mixed with Sandalwood it will remove curse's and hex's.

Write a wish on a bay leaf and burn or bury it to make your wish come true.

Bunches of bay leaves hung up over windows and doors will bless your home and protect it against lightning and poltergeists.

If a couple in love pick a bay twig, break it in half and keep half each, their love will last.

Place one dried bay leaf in each corner of a room to avoid being hexed.

A bay leaf can also be worn or carried in your pocket to give you strength and ward off negativity.

An infusion of bay leaves can be used as a floor wash to get rid of hexes and jinxes.

When an unwelcome guest leaves your home, sweep their footsteps out the door with a broom and then smudge the house with bay leaves to ensure they don't return.

Culpepper say's that bay resist's witchcraft very potently. Neither witch, devil, thunder or lightning will hurt a man in the place where a bay tree is.


Bay leaf essential oil can be used with a carrier oil as a massage for bruises and sprains.

Fresh bay leaves can be added to bath water to ease aches and pains.

A poultice of bay leaves, simmered until soft, can be placed on the chest to relieve head and chest colds.


Place bay leaves in flour containers to deter weevil's.

Add to parsley and thyme to make a bouquet garni - REMOVE BEFORE SERVING.


Healing Incense

2 parts juniper berries
1 part crushed bay leaves

Anti-Hex bath

4 parts Rosemary
3 parts juniper berries
2 parts bay leaves
1 part mugwort.

add to a muslin sachet before adding to bath.

Apollo Incense

4 parts Frankincense
2 parts Myrrh
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Bay


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