Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Desk Oracle you say?

We would like to introduce you to our new pretty thingy...

Our Arc of the Goddess course and book works with 108 different goddesses so we thought "why not have an oracle too?"...sounds easy enough right?  Well it has been quite a long journey of discovery, graphics, design and getting it just how we want it.

108 goddesses is a whole heap loada feminine energy so...instead of making you work with 108 individual cards we have put them all together into a spiral bound book, A5 size...that gives you 258 pages jam packed full of goddess goodness.  You can use it to flip through and select goddesses as you would for a reading...or as we have found most of the time they select can work with particular goddesses for the day, a week, the month or longer using the Goddess Wheel of the Year included,  leaving the booklet open at her page on your desk or altar.

Each goddess has two pages to herself, one with a beautiful image and the other with our own meaning for her...the book also includes our original Goddess Wheel and some ideas on how to work with the ladies themselves.

The desk oracle can be used as a stand alone divination tool or in alongside our Arc of the Goddess course and/or paperback book.

PRE-ORDER NOW for early June delivery.

£19.99 (approx. $28.47)
+ p&p…worldwide delivery

Special package deal offers are available, see the Arc of the Goddess website for more details.

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