Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Waning Moon Spell for Dying Friend by StormloverWolf

Waning Moon Spell for Dying Friend 
by StormloverWolf

My friend has end stage COPD, as well as esophageal cancer, her time left is unknown.

I chose Moss Agate for as it was known as the agate of the Warriors and I want her to be strong in her convictions as this time approaches her. It helps to balance emotional energies. It helps to let go of anger and bitterness so that her emotions are balanced. It is also helpful in relieving sensitivities to weather and pollution (for her lungs). I also will use Rose Quartz for love and compassion. A pink candle anointed with rose oil with hearts inscribed around it.

Open Circle -

I walk deosil around slowly gently letting tulip petals fall through my fingers as I chant...

“I call to the Gods and I ask this day. Please bless this circle that no wish will stray. Protect us and guard us and be with us now. Our work here is urgent, with our heads we do bow.”

I call to the East, the element of Air. Bring your sweet breeze's, to soften our hearts. Let us hear bird song, perhaps from a Lark. Please join us this day, to help my dear friend. She needs us this hour, your hearts please do lend. Hail and Welcome!

I call to the South, the element of Fire. Bring your surge of heat and warmth, to assist us this day. We need all your efforts, to keep pain at bay.

I call to the West, the element of Water. Let your tides flow and subside every hour. We need your deep wells of strength and power. Join with us this day in this needful hour. Hail and Welcome!

I call to the North, the element of Earth. You have all the strength we will need in this spell. Bring your mountains, your bears, your wolves and your boulders. Please join us this day in this needful endeavor. Add to our hearts, we need you forever. Hail and Welcome!

I call on the spirits of the Hazel tree to assist my friend with both wisdom and intuition. I call also on the spirits of the Reed so that my friend will be able to be in touch with her ancestors, and her recently departed sister, so that she has no fear of the unknown.

I call to the Crone, please be with us at this hour. The need is great for all of your power. Bring you gentle caring, your hopes and best dreams that my friend will pass easy when her time comes. Hail and Welcome!

“Blessed Goddess, please wrap this beautiful woman gently in your arms when it is time for her to go to the Summerlands. Share your strong shoulder of support to her family members that they might be comforted that she is not gone. Allow her the ability to see ahead that there is no death, there is only the next dimension. Take her woe's and any pain away, that she may pass in peace. This Is My Will, So Mote It Be”

I thank you Goddess for joining me in the special rite tonight. May we always honor you and share our daily lives with you so that we might continue to be enlightened. Go if you must, but know that you are welcome to stay. Hail and Farewell!

I thank you spirits of the North and your assistance this day. May your profound strength aid my friend to cross over peacefully when her time finally comes. Hail and Farewell!

Grateful I am to you spirits of the West. May our hearts swell with comfort to send to my friend at this stage of her life, as your sea's swell with the ocean's tides. Hail and Farewell!

Spirits of the South, with a grateful heart I thank you for your presence to aid my friend. May we continue to feel your passion for life ignite in us as each day comes our way. Hail and Farewell!

To the Spirits of the East, those of our precious Air. I sincerely thank you for your presence. May you help my friend to breathe with ease as her days come to pass. Hail and Farewell!

“As I walk widdershins I see a beautiful border of soft pink tulips in the areas where I let flower petals fall. I grant this circle open, but never broken. May my friend continue to feel love and support as her journey takes her forward...Blessed Be!”


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