Friday, 12 August 2016

psst...wanna work some tree magic?

We are incredibly excited to announce our latest ONLINE course...

Magic of Trees Course

Online course working with the magic of trees...

Course to launch 12th September 2016

£35  (approx $45.97)

Open for registration now...

Let us take you on a journey to work with the magic of 13 different trees;

ash, birch, cedar, eucalyptus, hawthorn, olive, walnut,
banyan, cherry, cypress, juniper, myrrh and pine.

Habitat & how to identify them
History and legends
Magical uses
Meditation for each tree (pdf, MP3/MP4)
Tree divination & create your own unique divination set
A 13 week course

One to one guidance and a private facebook group, this course is run via the forum.

For more details about this course and how to sign up along with the others that we run see our website hub:


  1. it reads the cost is 35 pounds what is that in dollars?

  2. Online currency converter says approx $45.97