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Ask the witches...Rule of Three

Ask the witches...Rule of Three

You asked the witches...

Do you follow the Rule of Three/Threefold Law/Law of Return or what does it mean to you?

And these are their answers...

Autumn Ravenflower:
I'm not a follower of the rule of three although I'm a believer in karma. I do feel that if you do bad, then you will receive your just rewards, maybe not in this life, but perhaps in the next.
I do wonder if I have a particular run of "bad luck" and not feel that I've done anything wrong, what did I do in past lives?
I also believe that if you put out positive energy out there - be it being complimentary, happy and looking for the good in what you can, it can maybe have a positive affect also on those around you. Smiles and laughter are infectious, so is positive energy!

Lela Moon:
I do not follow the rule of three..
However I do groups things in my house in threes as it doesn't look right otherwise.
If I am smudging my rooms i do walk round them three times saying a chant, for no other reason then it feels right to me.
I have never put anything negative out there intentionally but if I did I would think about Karma rather than the rule of three.

Sunchylde Dryadmoon:
I do not believe in the law of threefold return for many reasons. Here are a couple …
As a pagan and witch I follow the laws of nature and the universe; and the law of threefold return just doesn’t fit with that. The three fold law has been created by modern wiccans and to my knowledge that is the only religion that this law applies to. So it isn’t a universal law and doesn’t apply to say my atheist husband.
However I do believe in cause and effect as that can be proven. If I throw a cake in the air; I wouldn’t obviously, but if I did it would return to me but there would not be three cakes … unfortunately. So you should definitely put out positive energy because who doesn’t want positive stuff being returned?
I read on “Gardnerian Blogs” a while ago that the Wiccan law of threefold return has been misinterpreted from a passage in High Magic’s Aid a fictional writing by Gerald Gardner. In the book a character is undergoing an initiation rite and is taught “mark well when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.” In other words if someone does good by a witch then the initiated witch is bound to return the favour threefold. So the idea is the witch is the agent of the threefold return and not the universe.
There are so many atrocities in this world that if the law of three does exist then why aren’t all the murderers, child abusers, terrorists etc being served their just desserts when innocent and kind people get diseases such as cancer?

Personally I've always believed that the law of threefold return is the witches equivalent of Karma. Whatever you put out ( actions, words, thoughts, spells etc) will come back to you 3 times over, and that includes positive as well as negative. I'm not saying I never have negative thoughts, it would be impossible to be all love and light 24/7, but if you are not prepared for your actions to be returned to you, then perhaps you should think long and hard about going through with them.
I've never done any harmful magic so far, but I wouldn't completely rule it out if the circumstances warrented it, particulary if it involved my family. Some things are just worth it, but only you can decide that.

I agree with Unity in that I have always believed in Karma, even before I began my Pagan path 25+ years ago. So when I read about the rule of 3, I just smiled as it was normal to me.
It makes me think twice most of the time before I say anything negative...thinking, saying, wishing all are very powerful and it makes me be more conscious of what I am going to say. Now, I am normal and I get angry at times, but I seem to imagine the number 3 in my mind, and then decide how to proceed.
Some days, oh yes I lose my temper and all "hell" can break loose, but it doesn't happen too often, thank the Gods!!

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