Saturday, 18 December 2010

A whimsical creation myth

It all began with a breath. That first breath that breathed in Life and brought awareness to the world. But Fam Mawr was lonely in her dark and cold place. She cried many tears, and these tears became the stars in the sky. Fam Mawr cried until she could cry no more, and she sighed. Her sigh travelled out into the sky and became the Moon.

But still she was lonely. Her tears spent, she became angry. She picked up pieces from around where she sat, and she threw them out into the darkness. Finally, she scooped up a big handful of firmament in her hands and she screamed at it. As she screamed, the ball of firmament became hotter and hotter with her anger. Until is burst into flames. In shock and surprise, Fam Mawr threw the flaming ball far away from herself, but not before her hands were burned and bleeding.

The flaming ball became the Sun, and it brought light to the world, and finally Fam Mawr could see. She looked at her injured hands. As she held them to her face, she breathed over them, and the burns healed.

Fam Mawr was still lonely. She looked at the ground where her blood had fallen and saw a shape. She mixed the blood in with the earth and moulded it. She breathed over the shape and breathed Life into the form that became Tad Fawr. Fam Mawr wept with joy to know that she was no longer lonely, and this became the song of the universe.

Fam Mawr and Tad Fawr were very happy. They spent their days in moulding the earth, piling it here and there, playing, tunnelling deep down and placing sparkling coloured treasures for each other to find. When the Sun hid it's face from them, they would cuddle together and sleep.

Fam Mawr's belly grew and grew. Until one day she could not move. She lay on the bare ground, and Tad Fawr tried to console her and ease her pains. She cried and the earth quaked and trembled. Until suddenly the waters of the world gushed from her body, and with it came her children - the peoples of the world, the plant peoples, the animal peoples, and the human peoples.

The waters filled the chasms and pits that Fam Mawr and Tad Fawr had dug. Some of the peoples went to live in the seas. Other peoples made homes on the places that the waters did not reach - and that includes all the human peoples.

Now that the birth pains were over, Fam Mawr was overjoyed at what she had produced. Whilst Tad Fawr rejoiced in the plant and animal peoples, Fam Mawr held the human peoples as her favourites. Each wanted their own favourites to have the upper hand. Fam Mawr and Tad Fawr argued. Their fights caused terrible catastrophes, and many many of their children were killed. When they saw what they had done, they stopped fighting, and agreed that the peoples should be equal. Still they have their favourites, however, and they still bicker, bringing storms and the occasional disasters.

But Fam Mawr and Tad Fawr love each other, and love their children, and these outbursts are soon over. We, their children, must help them keep the balance between the human peoples, the animal peoples, and the plant peoples. For as soon as one of the people gains over another, that will spark an argument and only bring disaster to all the peoples.

~ Blaiddwolf 2010

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