Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Medicine Bags

Today Kitchen Witch has been conjuring up medicine bags.

Each medicine bag is filled with herbs, spices, feathers, crystals, in fact anything that we feel is needed to make it work for the intent.

Tied with a coloured ribbon corresponding to the intent, and each medicine bag comes with a little bottle of magic powder to feed it with.

A medicine bag (or you could call it a mojo bag) is 'alive' with magic and therefore must be fed. To do so, sprinkle a little of the feeding powder provided over the contents of the medicine bag. This gives the bag a magical charge. You need to feed it regularly to sustain its magical force.

All herbs, stones, crystals and natural items have a spirit and a particular medicine energy to them.  Combine the right items together and you get a very powerful medicine bag.

When you receive your medicine bag feed it straight away and charge it with your own intent, visualise the outcome you desire and send that energy into the bag.

Keep the bag on your altar, mantle piece, bedside table, wherever you will see it, then feed it a little of the magic powder each day, again charging it and visualising your intent.

We are currently offering the following medicine bags, but we can make to order for specific intent:

Fast Luck - Need that extra boost of luck? This little bag of goodies packs the luck power you need.

Money Draw - Need that extra boost of cash? This little bag of goodies should bring money your way.

Unhex - Got that feeling someone has sent you a curse? This little bag of goodies will send the wicked witch hex on its way.

Go Away - Feel the need to protect and banish negative energy from yourself, your house, your property? This little bag of goodies will send negative energies on their way and keep them out.

Love Draw - Want to draw some loving your way? This little bag of goodies will send out the message and bring love your way.


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