Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why do spells work ... or not?

Why do spells work...or not?

Interesting question, here are some thoughts/ideas on giving a spell the best chance of success, there are many things that come together to contribute to the success of a spell or ritual:

The Moon Phase
Planetary day and hour
Corresponding materials, ingredients and supplies
The practitioner's state of mind at the time of casting/working
The Universe
The practitioner's experience
The amount of energy raised or channelled
The right wording/working

When you sit down to write a spell you really need to take into account all of the above list.  Tying in the spell to the correct moon phase (banishing on the waning moon, drawing to you on the waxing moon etc) will add power to the working.  Similarly working the spell at the correct time, on the day to correspond with your intent and the hour all add to the success of the spell.

Using the right materials - the correct corresponding herbs for instance will all add to the end result.

Your state of mind at the time of casting - if you are for instance extremely angry this can disrupt and twist the energy and intent you put into the working.

And of course the Universe and it's Will.  If what you are trying to achieve is not meant to be...then it isn't meant to be and the Universe has a habit of intervening.

If you are attempting something on a grand scale then it is probably advisable to have a bit of experience behind you, start small and work your way up!

Energy is important in any working, the power you add to the working, the energy you put into it will all add to the outcome.

Belief - got to have belief!  You have to believe in your own powers, believe in yourself and believe that you have the ability to make it happen.

Getting the words right is also important, one wrong word or ill thought word can send a spell twisting and turning in all sorts of directions!  Make sure you read it all through properly and really get clarity into your wording.

Intent and I am going to say effort here too are needed.  At the end of the day the magic is in YOU, the magic comes from you so you have to have the intent to see the spell through.  You also need effort, performing a spell to bring money to you and then sitting on the sofa for the next year will not help bring the spondolicks rolling in!  Follow up your spell with the intent you have formed and do something practical about it too!

I think it's important to start out with all these 'ingredients', and to keep a journal, a record of each spell and what correspondences were used, all the details and then record the results.

If you are in a hurry you will find that you can work round some of them, re-wording the spell to correspond with the current moon phase rather than waiting a week, substituting a herb for another if you don't have the usual/specified one - it all comes with practice!


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