Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Crystal Meditations

One of the exercises I like to do with crystals, especially when I receive a new one is to do a crystal meditation.  It helps me to connect with the particular crystal's energy and really understand it's properties.  This exercise works particularly well with quartz points or crystal clusters.


Make yourself comfortable, you can sit quietly or have gentle music or drumming on in the background, whatever suits you.

Hold the crystal in your hands in front of you.

Focus on your breathing.

When you feel ready gaze at and into the crystal, turn it over in your hands, really look at it and all it's details.  Take your time with this step, examining it very carefully.

Then visualise yourself growing smaller or the crystal growing larger, whichever suits you, so that you can imagine yourself climbing onto and over the crystal itself.

Explore the crystal now, climbing up any points it has, if it has inclusions or cracks visualise them as a doorway, a portal into the inside of the crystal.  Put out your hands and feel the 'walls' of the crystal.

Notice how you feel exploring the crystal, is it cold, is it warm - what energies do you pick up from it?

Once you have finished your explorations climb out and return to normal size, focus once more on your breathing and slowly come back to your conscious.

Make a note of what feelings and energies you found within that crystal to refer back to.


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