Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Prince of Swords

Tarot card draw for today was The Prince of Swords (in some decks he might be the Knight of Swords)

My keywords for this card:

Mental, intellectual
Razor sharp intellectual, wit
Can't pin him down
Will use words to stir up arguments
Makes plans and makes them happen
Can be inspirational
Things can happen in haste
Plough ahead
Set goals and bring them to fruition

This card to me is about intellectual thinking.  You get an idea, then you get so wrapped up in it and your wish to complete it that you forget to see the problems or the consequences.  

The Knight of Swords is a bit of a powerful dude, he takes life at 150 miles per hour, but he needs to have the balance of responsibility.

The energy of the intellect is double edged, it has great potential for good but it also has potential for evil too.   This energy must be balanced out with compassion and spirit.

He does have logic and reason, he speaks clearly and directly but his judgements are free of emotion.  Prince of tact and diplomacy he is most definitely NOT!  He can in fact be downright rude.  He is totally convinced that he is the be all and end all and he has no tolerance for fools.

In a reading the question is do you know someone with these qualities, are your exhibiting them or do you actually need to take on a few of his energies?  Is his energy hurting or helping you?    If his energies are all too obvious then balance is needed.  If you are feeling overly emotional or need some clear thinking then perhaps you need some of his energy.


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