Thursday, 19 July 2012

a bit of that ole New Moon Magic

It is the New what to do with that New Moon energy?

The New Moon always makes me feel full of anticipation, of expectation for all the wonderful things that are waiting to happen.

It is dark but soon the Moon will start to peep out from the sky bringing with her energy, growth, fresh and new ideas all with the excitement and anticipation those things bring with them.

Some magical ideas for working on the New Moon:

If you have collected some seeds from your garden use these - take one seed for each new idea or project you have and whilst holding the seed visualise that idea or plan coming together - then plant the seed.

Using a white candle dressed with an oil of your choice, charge it with the intent of your new project, then light the candle every evening for a short time until the Full Moon is upon us.

Using a silver or white cord or ribbon visualise your goal then tie three knots in it, saying out loud your intent with each knot you tie.  Keep the cord on your altar or hang it in your garden until the next New Moon then untie the knots and cleanse the cord so that you can use it again.

And the simplest one of all?  Go outside and make a wish on the New Moon.

Colours of the New Moon:
White, Cream, pastel colours

Incense of the New Moon:
Damiana, lemongrass, lavender, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, myrrh, sweetgrass

Magic on the New Moon is all about fresh plans, new projects, wishes and getting things underway. Use the energy to get things in motion, but also make sure to ask for some energy to keep the project going so that it doesn't fade out.  It is also a good time to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones.    A good time to start healthy eating too.

To make your own Moon water:

You can make your own blessed water charged with the energy of the Moon, it has powerful healing benefits:

Put a crystal quartz in a glass and fill it up with spring water.

Place the glass outside at sunset (cover the top)

In the morning bring the glass in, it is now charged with the energy of the Moon!

Drink the water to absorb the energy or use in in spell work.

You can also charge crystals with the energy of the New Moon by leaving them out overnight too.

So gather everything together, get organised and make those plans!


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