Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bear Witch Project ~ Handfastings, Cuddles and Cake

Yayyy blogworld - tis Arthur here - have you missed me??

I have so much to tell you and so much to show you - but first I have to share a wonderful day I spent yesterday with the Dorset Grove at their Mabon ritual in the fantastic setting of Knowlton Henge.

Da blurb .......

History of the Church Henge

The main earthwork at Knowlton is of a type known as a henge. There are nearly one hundred henges in Britain and Ireland, dating from about 3000 to 2000 BC. Although they are generally believed to have been ceremonial sites, it is likely that they fulfilled many functions, and may have changed their role through time.

Church Henge, as it is now known, has been protected from plough damage; the earthworks in the surrounding landscape have been less fortunate, but are still clearly visible in aerial photographs.

There are three other main earthworks nearby: the Northern Circle and ‘Old Churchyard’ (both to the right of Church Henge in the photograph); and the Southern Circle, which encloses Knowlton Farm (top left), and is surrounded by a ditch 240 metres (790 feet) in diameter. 

History of the church

The church was built in the 12th century and was in use until the 17th century, serving a now vanished hamlet by the riverside. Its Norman origins are evident from the plain round arch leading into the east end or chancel, and from the round-headed arches of the arcade dividing the nave from the north aisle. The south door also looks Norman.

The tower at the west end is 15th century, and is built of flint with bands of stone; the line of the church roof is clearly visible on its eastern face. At the east end of the north aisle there appears to have been a lady chapel. Whatever the reason for building a church within a Neolithic henge, the curious pairing has undoubtedly contributed to the survival of both, as an enduring symbol of the transition from pagan to Christian worship.

So, that's where I was yesterday, in the circle of the Dorset Grove Mabon ritual - which was led by our very own Tansy and Wildfox the ArchDruid of DG .... and two of the quarters were called by Sun and Raven (methinks this was to give them a bit of confidence ready for next week!!!)

The ritual was lovely but the day for me was all about the Handfasting of two wonderful people, who are very much in love.  I think .... if I remember correctly that Tansy did a blog recently about Handfasting  so I will leave the technical stuff to her - well, I am a bear of very small brain!

 Here I am with the happy couple - don't they just glow??!

Ohhhh kisses for me - awwww shucks ............. Raven tissue please my allergies are playing up *cough*!

 Did someone say cake??

 Guess I better save some for Tansy and the others .................. just a bit more ........nom, nom, nom!

 And here I am being cuddled by the lovely Tansy and sharing the day with Sun and Earthy ..... Raven tells me I am allowed to call her that honest!

More next time Witchbloggers - when I'll be sharing Circle time at the very first KW offline ritual at QE park - details here!

love and blessings to all

Arthur x x x

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