Friday, 2 November 2012

Living Shamanism

Living Shamanism – unveiling the mystery by Julie Dollman

I loved this book...

The official blurb:

De-mystify modern shamanism as we undertake an alchemical healing and transformational journey of sacred self discovery.

Julie Dollman shares her own experiences as she embarks on a difficult, challenging and wondrous journey into the world of shamanism, emerging with some amazing and simple tools, a sense of belonging and most importantly, a wondrous connection to the natural world that we all live in. Living Shamanism will appeal to those who are looking for an alternate way to tackle day-to-day issues they are experiencing and to those that are seriously considering a life-style change.

and my review:

Julie Dollman totally speaks my language, I loved this book.

Whether you are interested in shamanism, becoming a shaman or not this book is captivating. Julie uses her own experiences and insights to unveil what shamanism is and does. Not only that but she also makes you think about your own life and how you could start the healing process for yourself.

This book gives a huge amount of insight into the practices of a shaman but also into how we live life today as a society and how we can better our living situation and in fact our inner being.

A must have book.

Julie's website is

and her book will be published in January 2013 (available via Amazon) by Moon Books


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  1. Ordered the Book and I'll let you know what I think.