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Full MoonsGoddess (Carmen)

One of our very lovely students, the gorgeous MoonsGoddess (Carmen) wrote the following on full moons, I loved it so much I asked her if I could share it with you all on the blog...Tansy x

Full Moons 2014/15

May 14th Hay/Flower - Hawthorn (Uath) Did my Moon meditation based on the one in the book Moon Magic by Rachel Patterson for a 'Waning Gibbous' with my Mum and Mel in the middle of a field round a single Oak. May's full Moon I just stood under it and let it's light bathe me. I get pretty emotional around the full Moon so decided to just do that before I said something stupid and ended up in a row over a dishcloth or something similarly stupid lol.
June 13th - Dyad (pair)/ Strawberry Moon - Oak (Duir) - A time when animals get together to make 'little animals' and also Strawberries are harvested (naturally) this Moon will occur in the Celtic Oak month which is for growth, success and blessings so I think I should have a look at any projects I have under way and seeing if they are doing as well as I could make them. Also I will light a white candle to say thank you for all the gifts I have been given and to acknowledge the special people in my life who are there for me. I shall try and connect with the Goddess Cerridwen.

July 12th - Mead/Buck Moon- Holly Moon (Tinne). This is a time when the first crops are starting to be harvested, when the flowers have been in bloom and abundant. New Antlers are growing on the Deer. The ending of the summer and the first signs of the move into autumn are seen and felt. A time to celebrate and have days out and picnics and be together as family and friends. I'm going to light a fire in the brazier in my garden and have a glass of wine with whoever wants to join me and then I shall meditate and start thinking about getting things together. I shall try to connect with the Goddess Athene.

August 10th - Corn/Sturgeon Moon - Hazel Moon (Coll). The first crops are being gathered and orchards are giving up their bounty (not the chocolate kind!.. wish they did grow on trees though especially the dark chocolate ones) Sturgeon are more easilly caught the most valuable being the Beluga who's eggs are harvested for posh idiots. I shall be making jams and chutneys and at the end of this month I will be going to Lancashire with my Mum to visit my Nana's grave. For this Full Moon I'll light a candle and think about the things I've learnt and meditate trying to connect with the Goddess Aega.

September 9th - Harvest/Barley Moon - Vine Moon (Muin). All the crops should be gathered by now and thoughts turn to sorting out the summer clothes to the winter ones. I'll be taking things that I don't need down to the charity shop and if it hasnt already happened I'll be thinking about getting myself sorted for my last (yay) surgery and what I can get to occupy me through the worst of it. I'll light my candle and meditate and try to connect with the Goddess Demeter

October 8th - Blood/Hunters Moon - Ivy Moon (Gort). For me this really will be the one of strength and endurance! However for everyone else I know it'll be the time when nature says to stock up ready for the winter and get loads of sweets in for the kids coming trick or treating on Halloween. I do hope I'll be able to take part in some Samain celebrations this year but what I will definately be doing is lighting my candle and trying to connect with my Ancestors. To remember them and to thank them for all that went before so that I can be.. today. I'll do a ritual that will involve leaving a little cake and some wine for them. (forgot the cake last year but had chocolate buttons instead.. my Nana loved chocolate buttons anyway) I'll try to connect with the Goddess Ishtar.

November 6th - Snow Moon - Reed Moon (NGetal). This Moon is a time when I will be 'hibernating' and healing. For this one I will meditate on what is and what will be. Time to gather myself and look inwards. This time I will try to connect with Isis.

December 6th - Cold/Oak Moon - Elde (Ruis)r. This months Moon will be dedicated to family and friends. A time when many religions come together to celbrate whether it be the birth of their 'savior' or the Winter Solstice which means that the days and nights are now equal but now the nights will start to grow shorter and the days longer bringing hope and more vitamin D! For this Moon I will meditate and try to connect with the Cailleach.

January 5th - Wolf Moon - Birch ((Beth) This is when the cold is really felt and a time when the hungry Wolves would howl and come closer in their hunt for food. Its not a time to be out or planning new things. Its a time to get things sorted and physically and spiritually For this Moon I shall light my candles and meditate and try to connect with the Goddess Freya.

February 3rd - Ice/Storm/Snow Moon - Rowan (Luis) Thoughts turn to the coming Spring and the festival of Imbolc. I will dedicate a ritual or make something to honour Brighid. Brighid is known as the 'Triple Goddess' the Maiden the Mother and the Crone. I will be lighting my candles, meditating and also trying to connect with the Goddess Diana.

March 5th - Chaste/Worm Moon - Ash (Nion). This Moon is generally known as the last Moon of Winter. When the thaw is such that you can see where birds have been at the worms. Its when future plans are laid. (and apparently chocolate egss from rabbits??) This Moon I will light my candles and meditate on things to come and Summer fun. I will try to connect with the Goddess Luna.

April 4th -Growing/Seed/Pink Moon - Alder (Feam). This Moon tells the farmers that it's time to plant their seeds. It is named 'Pink' because of the beautiful pink moss that appears. This is a time for reaffirmation and to connect with the earth. To take advantage of opportunities and to be more creative. This Moon I will light my candles and meditate and try to connect with Mama Quilla.

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