Sunday, 14 September 2014

Meet the Kitchen Witches...

We thought we would give you a peek behind the scenes and introduce you the Kitchen Witches...

The Kitchen Witch Online School, Kitchen Witch Coven, Goddess Pathways and Herbal Pathways are run by:

Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts

We have followed the path of Witchcraft for many years and both journeys have twisted and turned along the way to bring us to our pathway of Kitchen Witchcraft.

Both of us have worked through and completed the three Wiccan degrees and we both hold the title of High Priestess.

Between us we have studied, completed courses on, received the certificates and got the t-shirt for: Herbalism, Tarot, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Empathy, Affirmations, Qabalah, Yoga, Historical Paganism, Witches Runes, Hedgeriding, Mediumship, Progressive Magick, Celtic Tree Lore, Hoodoo, Druidry, Shamanic Practice and Pendulum to name a few.

We also have a regular column in the Mystick Way with our recipes and a regular slot on the Moon Books blog with our Goddess writings.

For full details see our website

Rachel is a published author and also writes regular columns for Pagan Dawn, Mystick Way and The Magical Times, for more details on her books please see her website

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