Thursday, 18 December 2014

On the nineth day of Yule...Oak

(Quercus alba, Quercus robur, Quercus petraea)

The Oak; ancient, wise and strong.

Oak trees were used as meeting places where laws were passed and declarations read out to the public. Oak is sacred to druids.

It was considered lucky to be married under an oak tree.

The oak leaf symbol is one of strength and used to appear on coins in England (before the lion took over). The fruit from the oak, the acorn is a symbol of strength, power and vitality.

Holly rules the first half of the year up until mid summer then he is replaced by the Oak who rules the second half of the year until the winter solstice.

It is said that King Arthur’s round table was made from one solid piece of oak.

If you dream about sitting under an oak tree it means a long life and prosperity.

Burn oak wood in your home to clear out any illness.

Carry an acorn with you to bring good health, youthfulness, fertility and vitality.

Carry oak or an acorn with you to bring good luck.

Oak and acorns are an incredibly useful ingredient in magical workings – use them for healing and health pouches; protection, prosperity, fertility and luck amulets and any workings to bring you strength, power and vitality.

Oak hung in your home is said to provide protection from lightening.

Oak Magical Properties:

Healing, health, protection, money, fertility, luck, strength, vitality, power
Ruling planet – Sun, Jupiter, Mars
Sign – Sagittarius
Element – Fire, Water
Gender – Masculine

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