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Meditation to meet a Dark God by Lela Moon

Meditation to meet a Dark God by Lela Moon

Write a blog they say...
How? I say.
So here it is...

I had to research and write a lesson on three dark gods.
I spent hours looking through books in the library and on the internet all to no avail.
I would get the lesson up, look at the computer screen and then walk away from it. 

For six weeks I tried to write this lesson. So then I thought I would write the meditation to meet a dark god…nothing… 
I was told that I could leave the lesson and come back to it another day but I decided to carry on and come to it from a different angle.

I did the meditation to meet the dark god first.

After the meditation I suddenly remembered a book that belonged to my grandmother, it is well over 100 years old and about gods. I rummaged about on the book shelf and found the book.
PLUTO a dark god jumped out at me .
Enthusiasm renewed, I wrote up the meditation and finished the lesson using the research I had already done. 

Here is my meditation to meet a dark god.

Make yourself comfortable and think about what you want to get out of this meditation.
Ground yourself and as you are going to meet a dark god protect yourself.
To ground I imagine my self going down and down through the earth, feel the cold of it, the texture of it, see the animals living in it, see the roots of trees and the stones and crystals. I imagine my energy going into the centre of the earth and down there is a huge crystal I wrap my energy round this and tie myself to it ( like a balloon). I then take the energy up through the ground and into me filling my body with its earthy weight ( my personal grounding) I then protect myself by imagining a bright white light coming down towards my head. This energy goes round my whole body. See it ..FEEL it…you can push it about. While I am doing this I ask for it to protect me from any unwanted negative energy.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
Sink into your chair…relax.. breath.. with each outward breath sink a little lower. Relax and breath ..
See in front of you a line of old trees, branches dropping to the ground, twisted and gnarled, entwining round each other.
The path is dark but there is a light far up ahead.
Walk towards this light. Feel the energy from these old trees breathing there wisdom and wrapping it round you as you walk.
Be not afraid.
Walk towards the light and know that you are safe as you are walking towards light.
The branches start to lift as you near the light.
Feel the earth under your feet, cold and damp, the light is coming from a cave.
Walk into this cave and you see a fire burning.
Smell the damp of the cave, hear the dripping water.
Feel the warmth of the fire that is there to support you, know that you are protected and cannot be harmed.
Ask if there is a dark god there waiting to talk to you.
Look about you, you will feel them approach if you don’t see them.
Thank them for coming, look at what the look like, do they have something that singles them out, something that you recognise, ask them if it is OK to ask any questions. You will feel if it is OK. If it is not then just see if there is anything they are telling you.
Ask them your questions.
Take your time.
When you are ready to leave thank them for coming and talking to you or imparting some knowledge.
Walk back to the entrance of the cave and leave the light. Take note of the new smells as you leave the cave and enter the path of trees.
Walk back along the road but do you notice anything different
Take these images with you
Remember the smells, the colours
When you get to the end of the road of trees turn and give thanks.
Come back into your present world wiggle your fingers and toes.
Take some nice big deep breaths and open your eyes.
Ground yourself again and have something to eat.

Write up your memories.

Lela Moon

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