Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pagan Planet

Moon Books have a new community project book out that includes essays from our very own Tansy Firedragon (Rachel Patterson) and Starlitenergies (Samantha Leaver) is an amazing book with thoughts and inspirations from a huge array of authors and all brought together by the wonderful Nimue Brown:

The official blurb:
"What does it mean to live as a Pagan in this uncertain world of climate change, economic hardship and worldwide social injustice? What does it mean to hold nature as sacred when ravaging the land is commonplace? How do we live our Paganism in our families and homes, our communities and countries? Pagans are stepping up in all kinds of ways.
This is a Moon Books community project, sharing the energy and inspiration of people who are making a difference at whatever level makes sense to them. This is a book of grass-roots energy, of walking your talk and the tales of people who are, by a vast array of means, engaged with being the change they wish to see in the world."

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