Thursday, 16 June 2016

Dalmation Jasper by Autumn Ravenflower

Dalmatian Jasper 
by Autumn Ravenflower

Last time, I wrote about a couple of crystal finds in my local emporium owned and run by a friend of mine. The first one was Turritella and the other crystal I discovered, goes by the name of Dalmatian Jasper or Dalmation Stone.

This beautiful gem is a dark cream colour with lots of black spots and a couple of brown spots too. Mainly quartz based, it originates from Mexico. The black spots are tourmaline and if you find one with brown spots, these are Dravite, which is brown tourmaline. A fairly common stone to obtain, it is also available in dyed blue and green varieties too, but the properties, both magical and healing, are the same..

Holding this crystal, I felt a calming sense of wellbeing. I discovered that it promotes a childlike joy in us, encouraging a sense of playfulness. 

It has a grounding energy, is protective and has a wonderful calming influence on children and animals too - for children particularly at night to aid in a restful sleep. For animals - to train, calm and to heal. 

Supportive of family and loyalty, the Dalmatian Stone encourages fidelity and emotional harmony, strengthening bonds between family and work colleagues alike. 

Dalmatian Stone also has a wide range of physical healing properties - wonderful for muscles,tendons and cartilage, it can help prevent strains, sprains and spasms. 

It's also a good stone to work with regards to the immune system, helping to remove toxins and assist with promoting a healthy digestive system. 

This lovely crystal strengthens our spirit, letting us relax and reconnect, regain our composure. Being an early stony colour, it is another crystal that is connected with the home and the hearth.
The black tourmaline spots in the stone are what gives it its protection qualities. Guarding against negativity and encouraging positive attitude and happiness. 

If you find a Dalmatian Jasper with brown Dravite spots, this inspires courage and persistence in times that you feel that you would rather give up!

Dalmatian Stone also belongs to a class of crystals that is known as a seeker transformer crystal.
Transformer crystals and minerals are oxides that form as less stable chemical compositions become more stable ones when they come into contact with oxygen. The transformative powers of these stones and crystals are legendary. 

These crystals work with you to change your life, your situation and anything that you wish to better yourself at. For example, learning a new language, being a more positive person, getting rid of bad habits.

Dalmatian Jasper 'seeks out' and aligns with the natural energy and power of our minds which is looking for inspiration and ideas. It acts as a sort of compass, prompting us to move forward with our intentions. Having one as a talisman is a wonderful way to transform our ways of thinking, to grow as a person and to change our lives.

Autumn Ravenflower

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