Saturday, 27 August 2016

Blue Kyanite by Autumn Ravenflower

Blue Kyanite by Autumn Ravenflower

A crystal I have owned for quite a while now but this month, I am drawn to working with it. Quite often, I'll get a name of one of my crystals pop up into my head and I can't seem to let that thought go. It'll niggle at me for a couple of days and there is usually a reason why it's decided to make itself known...

I have a small but beautiful piece of a blue kyanite blade. Although kyanite can be found in other colours, the blue one is what I am going to focus on today.

Kyanite means 'blue' in Greek and as this was the first and most common colour for it when discovered, it has stuck. Kyanite is found in a lot of places worldwide - Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Australia, Brazil and Mexico and the US.

This lovely crystal has, to me, a soothing, peaceful energy. Not surprising then that it is a crystal of connection, of communication, aligning the chakras which in turn, brings tranquility and calm to the whole being.

It is also wonderful for transitioning into deep meditative states, hold one is your hands as you sit comfortably and let it work it's energies!

Kyanite neither accumulates or retains negative energy and will not need to be cleansed. I do, however, "charge" it for any particular work that I may be doing with it.

It is also a crystal that can be used to cleanse other crystals - I keep my blade nestled amongst the others in my wooden bowl. 

Strangely enough, Kyanite is used in today's industrial world as well as for healing and magickal purposes. It is heat resistant, so can be used in porcelain, bricks, foundry mounds as well as for brake shoes on railway trains and grinding wheels. It may also be found in your bathroom, lending its properties to dentures, sinks and other bathroom fixtures.

Kyanite's properties are many - it is a crystal to be worked with for working through disagreements and disputes. It's useful in business and personal negotiations, encouraging self expression and speaking up for yourself clearly and purposely.

Being a blue crystal, kyanite is excellent for healing the chakras. As well as being able to align all chakras, it is particularly useful for the throat and the third eye chakras.

When these are balanced, it allows for expression of what we think and feel, giving excellent communication abilities and letting ourselves be heard. 

Working with the third eye, our internal communications are healthy and alert. We are more perceptive of ideas, dreams and visions. We can look at ourselves - what skills, interests and knowledge make us the person we are. Kyanite works with those thought patterns and encourages us to listen to our intuition and work out how this can be worked with in our daily path and giving us purpose.

Kyanite is a great amulet of protection and can be worked with in spells and rituals.
It has an ability to help us focus and to strengthen our efforts to keep negative and undesirable elements out of our lives.

Autumn Ravenflower


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