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Ask the Witches - Is regular meditation an important part of your path, and how often do you do it ?

Yes it is, it helps me to relax, to connect with deity, spirits and animal totems and to access the inner worlds for information, answers etc.
I try to meditate every day, even if it's only for a few minutes, but there are always days when I just don't have the time or don't get a minute to myself, and I always notice a difference in my moods on those days. I'm not as calm and my energy feels scattered, I find it hard too concentrate and just feel out of sorts. So meditation is very important for me.

An Om a day...
There's no denying that meditation has taken off in recent years. I heard one person refer to it as having gone mainstream! Gone are the days where people turned their noses up and wrote it off as that flaky stuff the hippies do. Now, there are groups running every where, posh studios, and search YouTube for videos and Google play for smartphone apps and you'll get hundreds of hits to help find calm, peace and serenity anytime, anywhere.
Taking a few minutes to meditate daily has become personally my stress busting fail safe, it's usually with the goal of becoming more mindful, or focused on and accepting of the present.
Meditation helps ease mental health conditions like depression and anxiety—so much so, that some clinicians are trying it as a course of treatment before turning to medication.
Meditating actually changes the brain, and with it, the way the body responds to stress. Which works wonders on depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Studies have been suggesting for the past decade that meditation can bring big health benefits, but it wasn't until recent years that research has looked into exactly how it can change the brain.
The latest study, published March 2016 in the journal Biological Psychiatry, studied 35 unemployed men and women experiencing the major stress of searching for a job, and found significant changes to the brain on scans done after just three days of mindfulness meditation.
Specifically, there was more activity in the portions dedicated to processing stress, focus, and calmness. In blood tests, the subjects also showed lower levels of an important marker of inflammation, four months after the study.
As a Hellenic I don't really practice meditation for anything specifically related to the path I have chosen, well unless you count reaching an altered state during the many rituals and celebrations! I do however build meditation into my daily routine and since I live my path as actively as I can on a daily basis it influences my practice by keeping me focused, less stressed and focused on my day job or relationships, meaning I'm able to approach the Theoi, Heroes and Ancestors with the calm, focused, passionate determInation and respect they deserve.

Sunchylde Dryadmoon:
Regular meditation is definitely important to anyone following a magical path and for general health and well being. You need to be able to slip into an altered state where magic happens. To easily do this meditation should be part of your daily practice.
I aim to practice for at least 10 minutes a day and up to 30 or 40 if time allows but lets be honest 10 minutes for most of us is difficult to squeeze in but it is worth the effort.

Lela Moon:
I try to meditate every day. for me it is like reading a good book. It takes me to other places and out of the day to day routine. It calms me and i use it when in situations that are not pleasant for example doing to the dentist. The more i do it the better it gets, so yes i meditate and for me it is an important part of my life, not becasue am a witch but because it is important for my health and well being.

I would like to say I meditate every day, but I am not there yet. Throughout my witchcraft studies I have progressed significantly in both the quantity and quality of my meditation practice. I find it is easier and quicker to reach a meditative state and that I need to stay in that state for a shorter amount of time to gain the benefits.
I use meditation as one of the tools in my practice, particularly when I want to connect with a specific energy or when I need help working through something.

I try and do it every day, even if it is just for a few minutes. Any scattered thoughts come into line and I become more focused. I love meditating outside when there is no snow or rain. I so easily slip into it with the sights and sounds of animals in my yards.
When inside I like to use a candle that I can "disappear" into the flame to begin...or listening to certain music.

Autumn RavenFlower:
Meditation is definitely an important part of my path, it's also essential for my health and wellbeing too. Sometimes when life just gets too busy and noisy, taking myself off for even 5 minutes helps restore the calm.

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