Friday, 11 November 2016

November Crafts by Lela Moon

November Crafts by Lela Moon

This month we are making:

A pebble picture
Tea Light holder with birch sticks , cloves and cinnamon sticks
Bird feeder

Pebble Picture:

You will need
Glue gun
Thick card or Canvas

Take your card and arrange your pebbles onto the card.
Stick them on with a glue gun.
I called mine Kiss under the moon light.

Tea light holders

You will need:
Jam jar
Tea light
cinnamon sticks
Birch twigs
Ribbon (I chose not to wrap my ribbon round )
Glue gun

Break your twigs to the length of the jam jar and then sick on to the jam jar with a glue gun.
Add the cinnamon sticks into it.
Stick the cloves round the neck of the jar
Tie with a ribbon if you would like to dress it up.

Light the tea light, the cinnamon with smell lovely when it warms up.

Always burn responsibly and never leave unattended.

A bird feeder

You will need:
An empty pop bottle
Two wooden spoons
Bird food
Glue gun

Take your bottle and cut two holes in the side about 1 ½ inches in diameter.

then cut two small holes on the opposite side to secure the handle of the spoons.
Push in the spoons and secure with some glue at the handle end so they do not side out
Fill up the bottle with bird food

And then tie some wire round the neck of the bottle to hang on the tree.
The seed will come out of the hole onto the spoon.

Lela Moon

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