Saturday, 27 November 2010

What scents remind you of Yule?

It is cold and wintery outside, warm and cozy inside the Kitchen Witch house...

The smell of oranges, apples and pears baking fills the air.

Time to make some Yule incense!

I sliced oranges, apples and pears thinly and baked them in a really low oven all day.  Not only does it make the house smell delicious they come out of the oven dried, smelling wonderful and ready to put into incense blends.

What smells make you think of Yule?

To me it is satsumas, cinnamon and cloves mainly with a bit of pine.  All of these things remind me of wonderful childhood memories from the festive season.

I think that the smell of the pine Yule tree is wonderful, sadly we don't have a real tree at home now, I just make do with Pine essential oil!

I love mince pies and Christmas pudding - again all the same sort of scents.

Over the past few years I have also fallen in love with the scent of frankincense and mixed with myrhh I think it is even better.

So, all of those scents are in the Kitchen Witch Yule incense and a couple of secret ones too ;-)

Of course all the ingredients also have a magickal property too - this blend covers love, protection, success, healing and happiness too!


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