Monday, 27 December 2010

Meditation Beads

A few months back I made myself a set of meditation beads. All of the beads are glass or wood. I know some people use plastic beads, and that is entirely up to you, but I do prefer to use natural materials. At the end of the day though, it is your choice, use whatever works for you, nothing is ever wrong, if a big pink plastic kitsch bead speaks to you use it!

Your mind can sometimes tend to wander when you are meditating which leads to a loss of concentration. For practising meditation, meditation beads can act as a kind of ‘anchor’ or grounding point enabling you to focus better. This can be extremely useful especially if you are feeling tired when you meditate.

Conversely, if your mind is too active and over-energised, meditation beads will prevent you from becoming distracted or daydreaming. And, because the beads are moved in rhythm with your breathing, it helps you maintain your concentration.

Meditation beads can be used in a number of ways. A popular method is to hang the string between your thumb and your third finger, traditionally in your right hand. Using your middle finger, you rotate the beads one bead at a time towards yourself, each time you repeat the mantra and take a breath.

A variation of this method is to hang the string on your middle finger and rotate the beads one at a time in the same fashion, only this time you use your thumb.

You begin the procedure at the first bead and repeat the process with all of the beads, continuing around the loop until you once again reach the start.

On my meditation beads, each bead signifies a different purpose - as I rotate the bead I say quietly to myself a mantra with that specific intent, for instance when I reach the friends bead I say 'I give thanks for my wonderful friends', when I am on the Cailleach bead I say 'I give blessings and honour the Cailleach for guiding me'.

On my meditation beads, each bead has a plain separator, then:
Green for abundance
Grey sparkly one for The Cailleach
Wooden one for The Green Man
Daisy one for my friends
Brown one for my family
World one for the universe
Yellow for enlightenment
Pink for love
Black to release negativity
Light blue for healing
Orange for success
Clear for my totem unicorn
Brown/red for my totem wild boar
Spiral for spirituality
Purple for wisdom
Spiral for balance
Red for empowering
Sparkly brown for happiness
Red for manifesting
Green for money
Blue for protection
Brown for strength
White for cleansing
Purple for meditation

You can have different beads for different purposes as I have done, or you can have a string of plain beads all the same colour, it is your choice, use whatever works for you.


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  1. Thank you Tansy for this most interesting post! I have always struggled with meditation and I think I will give this a go. In choosing the beads yourself they come to mean something and that is most important.
    Thank you again and I look forward to "following you"